League of Legends champion profile: Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Lanes Kled mains hate

Fiora – she can easily reposte your Q that will stun you. She can also do this against your ult and parry to avoid your 4th W proc, which is the majority of your early damage. Basically, her W negates almost all of your abilities as Kled, so you can’t fight her when it’s up.
Heimerdinger – he shoves you (and every other melee top) under tower and makes it impossible to ever kill him in his turrets. This completely destroys Kled’s desire to shove and roam or all-in constantly.
Teemo – if he times his blind right (when your W is off cooldown) you’ll do no damage to him outside of hitting your Q. He can also shroom the lane, making any ult engages quite painful.

Lanes Kled mains love

Irelia – you can easily dodge her stun with your joust, and once you do you’ll beat her in every trade.
Aatrox – like with Irelia, you have the tools to dodge his Q knock-ups and chains. Also, if an all-in goes even where he gets into ult and you’re dismounted, it usually gives you enough time to get your Violent Tendencies back off cooldown and remount.
Dr. Mundo – an immobile juggernaut is who Kled is meant to beat. Even if you get dismounted, you can kite Mundo with your pocket pistol until your W is back up, at which time you can easily remount and kill him.

Tips for playing Kled

– When you need to remount, play around your Violent Tendencies. If you hit a champion with all four strikes (easier with the increased attack speed) and one shot from your unmounted Q, you should gain enough courage to remount.
– Use your Joust to close distance to land your Beartrap on a Rope easier. Ideally, you want to Joust through the opponent, land the Q, then use the second charge of Jousting to reposition yourself. Remember, the opponent will be pulled towards you always, so use the second Joust to get on the side of him you want to pull him.
– Only the second charge of Jousting can cross terrain
– In the early game, don’t level up Violent Tendencies if you plan on using it to trade. It will be used as soon as you attack once you level up W

Tips for playing against Kled

– Play around his W, especially when he’s dismounted. Once he uses that W, you’re free to trade with him.
– Use your dashes or escapes to avoid his dash on Joust. If he hits you with it, Kled will just follow your dash with the second charge of Jousting.

Champion difficulty: 4/10

Kled doesn’t have a ton of very difficult combos to perform, nor is his kit based on needing to hit a ton of skill shots. However, Kled players do have to understand when they can and cannot engage or take trades, how to play when mounted vs. unmounted, and how to use abilities like Jousting and Chaaaaaarge! to maximum effectiveness. There is a fair amount that can separate a good Kled player from a mediocre or bad one. He would best be described as having a low skill floor and medium skill ceiling.

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If you’re a Kled main, feel free to chime in the comments some other tips for new players, or just give reasons why you love playing the Cantankerous Cavalier!