League of Legends: LCS power rankings Week 6

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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CoreJJ of Team Liquid. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5. OpTic (5-7)

Splitting the games in a weekend where you face Liquid is about as good as can be expected at this point. Getting the win over FlyQuest was important because it meant there was another team that they are tied with that they at least split the season series with.

4. Golden Guardians (5-7)

Man, remember earlier in the season, when Golden Guardians took on 100 Thieves in a battle of the winless? Now, just a few weeks later, the Guardians are right in the hunt for the playoffs. Yes, they’re under .500 but they are at least tied with the rest of the pack, or one game ahead.

From a talent and statistical standpoint, though, the Guardians have a great chance of making the playoffs. In particular, Froggen has been re-invigorated in the mid lane, posting the highest DPM of anyone in that position.

3. TSM (7-5)

Sunday’s match against C9 was probably TSM’s “show me” game of the season, where they could prove that they really deserved to be in that upper echelon. Unfortunately, despite playing an exceptional early game, TSM stalled out and lost in the late game after getting picked off. A win would have put them just a game behind C9, who were still to face Liquid, and given them a glimmer of hope that they could secure a first-round bye.

In particular, Akaadian struggled in both games for TSM this weekend, dropping him from one of the top three junglers by our metrics on the year to the bottom of the pack. Certainly, he can regain his form, and he’ll need to do so quickly.

2. Cloud9 (10-2)

As mentioned, with the win over TSM, C9 is all but guaranteed to get a first-round bye in the playoffs. But next weekend they will play Liquid in a game that could all but seal them into the second seed with a loss.

Amid all the praise for Licorice and Nisqy (which is 100% deserved), Sneaky has gone largely unnoticed for how good he’s been. With the most kills per game, highest damage per minute of all LCS players, he’s been the undisputed second best ADC behind Doublelift.

1. Liquid (11-1)

Mathematically Liquid have already made the playoffs, the only LCS team to do so. Having said that, they’re all but guaranteed to get a first-round bye and would secure that #1 seed if they manage to beat Cloud9 next week.

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