League of Legends guide for a beginner: what is a champion?

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
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  • Marksmen: Ranged champions whose power almost exclusively revolves around their basic attacks. They are incredibly vulnerable to burst damage due to their extreme squishiness and lack of mobility, meaning they often fare poorly against assassins and burst mages. In addition, marksmen tend to be exceptionally weak early in the game, requiring a lot of stats through items before they are able to do more damage. They get stronger as the game goes on, and do well against more durable and immobile opponents, namely fighters and tanks.
    • Marksmen champions: Ashe, Jinx, Kog’Maw
    • Marksmen in popular culture: Deadshot, Legolas, Widowmaker
  • Tank-Vanguard: Vanguards lead the charge for their team and are most often the initators of fights. They often have some ability to catch enemies out of position while allowing allies to follow-up to devastating effect. Packing lots of tankiness and great CC, Vanguards often lead the way into the fray.
    • Vanguard champions: Amumu, Alistar, Malphite
    • Vanguards in popular culture: Hulk, the Juggernaut, Winston
  • Tank-Warden: Wardens stand steadfast, persistently locking down the enemies trying to get to their squishy carries in the back of fights. Wardens focus more on soaking damage and protecting their allies, allowing them to safely deal with enemies caught in the fray.
    • Warden champions: Shen, Braum, Taric
    • Wardens in popular culture: The Hound, Snorlax, Luke Cage

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If you’re a beginner which type of champion do you most want to play? Let us know what other topics for a beginner you want us to discuss in the comments!