League of Legends LEC predictions: Week 8, Day 2

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Broxah of Fnatic. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

ExceL vs. Fnatic

As mentioned above, ExceL got the other big upset win yesterday. Even though they had nothing to play for, and subbed out their best player at the support position, they managed to out-macro Schalke and get the W. Does that mean that they’re up to the task of beating the surging Fnatic line-up?

Frankly, no, I think that’s too tall a task for ExceL. Fnatic has won five games in a row and yesterday they straight-up dumpstered a Misfits team that is far better than ExceL. Fnatic not only has the individual skill to win, but they also have shown consistent macro abilities that outclass ExceL.

Like Splyce vs. SK, Fnatic has the advantage in every single role. With the opportunity to put themselves firmly into a playoff spot, Fnatic is too good and too veteran a team to not take this free win.

Prediction: Fnatic

Origen vs. Rogue

This is by far the easiest game to predict today, even more than Fnatic vs. Excel. Origen has been one of the hottest teams in the LEC, having just beaten the other top 3 teams in the league – G2, Splyce, and Vitality. Yes, they did drop a game to Fnatic as well, but Origen is certainly deserving of being in the position they are: almost assured a playoff spot and challenging for that first-round bye.

On the other hand…well Rogue is pretty much guaranteed the worst record in the LEC. They’re playing for pride, plain and simple. Unfortunately, the teams they are facing are playing for much more.

Prediction: Origen

G2 vs. Vitality

The game of the week as the two best teams in the LEC face off. Originally, I penciled this one in as almost a bragging rights game, with G2 all but having locked up the first spot and Vitality playing to keep a hold of their second-place position to get the first-round bye.

Then, G2 lost to Splyce yesterday and this game got a lot more interesting. If Vitality does manage to beat G2, that would mean the two teams are separated by only a single game going into the last weekend. In other words, G2 has not locked up that #1 seed in the LEC playoffs quite yet.

It’s impossible to imagine saying this just a few weeks ago, but G2 actually look quite vulnerable right now. They’ve lost two games in a row (an honest to God losing streak for the kings of Europe), dropping matches to SK Gaming and Splyce. Heck, they might have lost three in a row if they hadn’t had the good fortune to be playing Rogue, as they looked very shaky.

Vitality has certainly had some struggles of their own this year, but they should smell some blood in the water here. I think they will be playing with house money, confident they can win a game they probably shouldn’t have a chance in, while G2 may be sweating a bit.

Prediction: Vitality

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