League of Legends LCS power rankings: Week 7

2018 NA LCS Spring Split Grand Finals in Miami, Florida, USA on 8 April 2018.
2018 NA LCS Spring Split Grand Finals in Miami, Florida, USA on 8 April 2018. /
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Huni of Echo Fox. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5. Golden Guardians (6-8)

Golden Guardians beat CLG handily before holding their own against Team Liquid. Like OpTic, Golden Guardians have a leg up on the rest of the pack to secure a playoff spot. However, the road won’t be easy, as they still have to face TSM, Clutch, OpTic, and FlyQuest, all games they could easily lose.

4. FlyQuest (7-7)

FlyQuest took two crucial games last week over Echo Fox and Clutch, putting them easily into the fourth spot. They’ll have to play Liquid and C9 over the next two weeks, but they also get a game against 100 Thieves they should win. Getting to eight wins seems to be what will get you into the playoffs, and that should be a given, but it remains to be seen if they can get more than that single win and really lock in their spot.

3. TSM (9-5)

TSM won both games over OpTic and 100 Thieves, but they’re not going to be moving much in these standings unless they beat Liquid and Cloud9 starts dropping games rapidly. Having lost both times to C9 has basically locked them into the third position.

2. Cloud9 (11-3)

The grudge match versus Liquid last weekend was C9’s last chance to overtake Liquid. By losing, and dropping both games to Liquid on the year, they’re basically relying on Liquid to lose out if they want the #1 seed. Considering Liquid still gets to play Clutch and Echo Fox, that seems unlikely.

1. Liquid (13-1)

The best team in the LCS, unquestionably. Perhaps the only real suspense regarding Liquid for the rest of the split is whether they’ll get revenge for their only loss against TSM.

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What do you think of our power rankings for the LCS? Which playoff teams are most vulnerable, and which teams on the outside have the best chance of sneaking in?