League of Legends champion profile: Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Mafia Miss Fortune. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Lanes Miss Fortune players love

Draven – It might seem silly to say that MF does well into the biggest lane bully in the ADC role, but given that they both spike extremely hard early, but Miss Fortune is one of the few champions that have the raw damage to trade with Draven early on. Given that Draven’s scaling is largely dependent on stacking his passive, and he needs to get going early whereas MF can be impactful in team fights.
Xayah – Like most crit AD Carries, Xayah will outscale Miss Fortune later into the game. However, in lane MF actually has a greater range than Xayah. With this advantage, plus her hard-hitting autos, Miss Fortune has the tools to keep the Rebel down.

Lanes Miss Fortune players hate

Yasuo – Like almost all AD Carries, bot lane Yasuo makes most of your damage negligible due to his Windwall. However, while most ADCs have the luxury of outscaling Yasuo with their crit damage and superior range to do far more damage in fights, Miss Fortune will get severely outscaled. It’s one of the few matchups where MF falters in the early and late game.
Sivir – She can farm safely with her Q and has the range superiority on auto attacks. In addition, she can easily anticipate your Love Tap damage and use her own Spellshield to block the shot and get free mana back.

Tips for playing Miss Fortune

Synergize using your abilities and use Love Tap while Strut is on cooldown to maximize the active’s availability.
Use the Strut active for getting to a fight or running away as one is coming towards you. It will give you the max bonus movement speed but remember it expires when you take damage.
You can use Make It Rain to scout bushes or fog, but it has a high mana cost so use it sparingly.

Tips for playing against Miss Fortune

Love Tap has a very long wind-up on the second bounce, so it’s easy to block or dodge with a spell shield or ability.
Bullet Time is a channel so it can be interrupted with any hard crowd control.
The Double Up bonus damage is increased if the first shot kills its target. This means if the shot kills a minion and then bounces through, it gets the bonus. Avoid standing behind a dying minion if the ability is off cooldown.

Champion Difficulty: 3/10

Of all the ADCs, Miss Fortune has one of the more simple kits. Her only real issue is that in the mid-to-late game she is quite reliant on using her ult effectively in team fights. Coupled with her inherent squishiness and lack of mobility, you have to have perfect positioning to use her effectively.

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