League of Legends LCS Spring Playoff preview: TSM poised to crush the Echo Fox Cinderella story

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Pick and Ban

What I find most surprising about Echo Fox’s resurgence, is that other teams have been unable to gain leads in lane or effectively snowball these leads to victories versus Echo Fox. Both teams know Echo Fox’s style before even loading up the client. In other games, knowing your opponent’s strategy before the game starts is a huge advantage, but because Echo Fox is so good at it, they have been able to snuff out multiple attempts to thwart their style.

This is mostly because Echo Fox has a deep champ pool in every position on the map in late game champions. I do believe that Jinx and Vladimir are still must bans, as those two champions have been very effective for Echo Fox. It is still important, despite the risk of giving over strong meta champions, for Echo Fox to ban Ryze (a ban in the meta in the first place) and Kalista.

Play your style

I do believe it will a fun series to watch, especially since we have a good idea of what each team is going to try to draft/play. Echo Fox will be very strained in pick and ban to not only secure themselves a strong late-game team comp but also deny TSM a dive and split-push comps as well.

One caveat to my prediction is that TSM should not try to draft late-game champions or steal them away like other teams tried to do versus Echo Fox. Other teams have tried this over and over again in their last four games and it has not worked out well at all for them.

While TSM might still be able to win with this strategy it would be falling right into Echo Fox’s trap and would be trying to beat them at their own game. Echo Fox has shown that when other teams draft late-game against them, they just go even bigger and more over the top with champions such as Azir to cement them as the favorites in the late-game. I am not saying TSM cannot pick any scaling champions, but if they give up lane priority to do so that would be a huge mistake.

My prediction is that TSM will win the series 3-1 over Echo Fox in a fairly one-sided affair. I believe that the matchup is a mismatch in strategies and while Echo Fox would have had a much better chance of going on in the playoffs if they were versus FlyQuest or Golden Guardians, TSM will be the roadblock they cannot get past.

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This series will be an interesting race between two boats going in completely opposite directions. Who will be more effective at playing their style? Unfortunately for Echo Fox, their playstyle is poorly matched up against TSM. If you disagree let me know in comments.

Tune in Sunday March 31, 2019 at 12:00 PT on twitch.tv/riotgames to find out.