League of Legends: five players who missed the LCS all-pro teams

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Biofrost of Counter Logic Gaming. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5. Vincent “Biofrost” Wang

That’s right, I gave it away already, but honestly, I think Biofrost is one of the most underrated supports in the LCS. I’ll try not to repeat myself too much, but he has one of the best vision scores per minute marks of all supports, lowest deaths, and ratio of deaths to vision.

On top of this, Bio also has one of the lowest death shares of his team, accounting for only 16.9% of CLG’s death on the split. While his kill participation numbers aren’t quite as flash as Hakuho’s they’re quite solid (67.8% KP to Hakuho’s 72.8%).

Biofrost also had the “distinction” of getting to play with one of the worst ADCs in the LCS all split, Stixxay. While other, more highly-ranked supports at least got to play with Doublelift, Zven, Sneaky, Arrow, or Apollo, Bio largely got put behind the eight-ball because of his lane partner. Not to say he’s blameless for the duo’s struggles, but if I was to blame one more than the other it would be Stixxay.

While I’m not as convinced by Bio’s numbers as I am Hakuho’s (who I’d easily put as the second-best support in the LCS), I still think he should have at least gotten some consideration for the third team.

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