League of Legends Patch 9.7 tier list: mid lane edition

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Sylas. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Falling champions

Sylas (S tier to A tier)

Given the repeated nerfs the Unshackled received over the course of the last few patches, it’s unsurprising that Sylas’s tenure in the S tier was brief. And it’s not as if he dropped slightly out of the S tier to the high A tier. Sylas is just barely above B tier at the moment.

However, I should note that this rating is being held down by him being left off the Mobalytics tier list, and as being ranked C or worse by op.gg and u.gg. All the other tier lists we audited have him listed as an A tier champion. It’s entirely possible that next patch he’ll stabilize in the A tier (barring any further nerfs).

Galio (C tier to D tier)

Poor Galio, half of the tier lists we audited didn’t even list the Colossus. Those that did, well they didn’t have too high an opinion of him.

The highest ranking Galio received was a C from the Proguides tier list. All others had him as D or below. At least last patch he had a couple of sites rating him as an A or a B, but now he is widely considered the worst mid laner in the game.

Jayce (B tier to C tier)

Jayce was also left off of half the tier lists we looked at, which is a stark contrast from Patch 9.6 where only two tier lists omitted him. In the tier lists where he was ranked, however, there was a lot of dispute as to his power level.

Two sites (Lolalytics and Op.gg) rated him as a C tier champion, while the others (MetaSRC and Proguides) had him as an A. I’d tend to think that he’s more the former than the latter, and would caution readers not to invest too much time into Jayce mid unless he’s a favorite of theirs.

Lissandra (A tier to B tier)

Who would have thought that a simple nerf to Lissandra’s Q was what it would take to knock her out of the mid lane meta? The Ice Witch was towards the low A tier, yes, but she didn’t just fall to B tier she plummetted.

As of Patch 9.7, Lissandra is on the cusp of being a C tier pick, barely clinging to being able to be called “viable.” Two tier lists (Mobalytics and Tierlist.gg) didn’t list her at all and none of the other six that did rated her higher than a B tier pick.