How to draft & execute a split push composition

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Nasus. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

The Draft

Crafting a composition based around split pushing is relatively straightforward when compared to other strategies as it basically splits the team into two groups. The first group is the split pusher – a top laner that is capable of winning any 1v1, with enough mobility to avoid potential 1v2s. The second group is the other four members of the team acting as a single unit with the aim of controlling the rest of the map without being forced into a 4v5 fight.

Ban Phase

Avoiding direct counters to a potential split push is the most important part of the ban phase. For instance, heavy engage compositions can continuously force fights around mid lane or Baron Nashor, thus it is vital that long-range engage options, like Zac, are banned out. This is because the four members of the team looking to maintain control of the mid lane and river do not want to fight, in order to give time for the split pusher to constantly apply pressure and force enemy members to come to the side lane.

It’s also essential to remove any strong champions that could be a problem in teamfights or the 1v1. Kayle is a champion that, upon reaching level 16, can completely take over a game and is a nightmare to deal with throughout the map. Therefore, she is a strong counter to a split push composition as her team can stall out the game until she reaches her power spike, and the split pusher becomes redundant.

Overall, the ban phase should be mainly utilised for removing strong champions in the current meta, while also removing any scary engage champions. Unlike other strategies, a split push composition won’t be instantly ruined due to a single enemy pick, and therefore there is room to manoeuvre in the ban phase.

Pick Phase

It goes without saying that your team will ideally want to hide the top lane pick until later in champion select as guaranteeing a counter pick for your split pusher is the first step in creating a lead. In terms of split push champion options, there are a multitude of choices. Camille, Jax, Kennen, Nasus, Yorick – the list goes on. Take your pick of the litter and build your team around it.

As for the other four members of the squad, they should be about as standard as can be, but it’s essential that the Jungle-Mid-ADC-Support combination contains both elements of engage and disengage to trigger or prevent a fight whenever necessary. If the enemy team sends two players to deal with the split push, this is the signal to engage and fight 4v3. Whereas if the enemy tries to start a 4v5 fight, your team needs the disengage tools to stop the fight in its tracks and allow the split pusher to continue applying pressure.