League of Legends Patch 9.8 tier list: jungle edition

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Trundle. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Additions


The Troll King has re-entered the jungle arena after several rounds of recent buffs. There are still three sites we audited that don’t have him listed, and several that have him in that C to D tier range. However, with three sites rating him as a B tier pick, we could be seeing those repeated buffs finally working their magic.

New Subtractions:


While Trundle joined our tier list, we didn’t see any former champions listed fall out of favor. Every champion we had rated in our Patch 9.7 tier list remains in the tier list this patch.

Rising Champions:

Hecarim (A to S tier)

This may be a patch or two later than most were expecting, but the Shadow of War has finally joined our jungle tier list’s S tier. There was not one single tier list that we analyzed that rated Hecarim below A tier and more than half of them ranked him in their S tier.

Jax (B to A tier)

Jax started off the season as a consistent A tier jungler before suffering a surprising drop off over the last couple of patches. He still has a few detractors (two sites rating him C or lower), but generally, he’s rated in the A tier range.

Nidalee (B to A tier)

A very big leap forward for Nidalee, who went from mid-B tier to solidly in the A tier. What’s even more shocking is how near-unanimous the opinion has been about Nidalee’s position. She’s getting just about all B and A ratings, whereas in past patches a few sites either didn’t rate her or rated her very low.

Sejuani (C to B tier)

The “small” buff to the max health ratio on her W – Winter’s Wrath doesn’t appear to be that small. Sejuani had the biggest leap forward of any jungler in our tier list, going from low-C to mid-B tier in one patch. A couple even had her rated S or A tier, so watch to see if the Boar Rider keeps rising given the recent Cinderhulk buffs.

Pantheon (C to B tier)

Pantheon is one of those high variance junglers bouncing between high-C tier and low-B tier. Some sites have him rated very well (four have him as B or A tier). Others, though, have him as a trash pick (five have him C tier or lower, with two not ranking him).

Warwick (C to B tier)

On the other hand, opinion has been pretty solid as far as Warwick’s position in the jungle for a while now. He’s been in that high-C to low-B range since Patch 9.4, but even in earlier patches this season we never had him outside of B tier.