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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Coven Camille. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Lanes Camille players love

Kayle – You might raise an eyebrow, thinking that into a melee matchup Kayle just gets to free farm and outscale. However, if you get to level two or three and just keep all-inning her you’ll be able to take her out. Beat her to level six and that all-in is almost a guaranteed kill.

Yasuo – on the flip side, Yasuo beats you in the early game, so surviving until level six is the best way to guarantee a win. You can pop his shield with your W – Tactical Sweep, dodge his knock-up with your E – Hookshot or R – Hextech Ultimatum, and auto-win trades when you have your Passive up. Just don’t die early and you’re fine.

Sion – all of his damaging abilities are telegraphed and easily dodged by your Hookshot. You can ult him during his ult and he cannot escape (remember, you can’t leave by any means) and once you hit your item breakpoint you’ll easily outscale him.

Lanes Camille players hate

Darius – your Passive doesn’t block Darius’s true damage, which forces you to take shorter trades than you would like. Unless he makes a mistake, he’ll win every trade.

Jax – he can block your Q proc’s true damage with his E – Counterstrike, plus he can keep up with your Hookshot with his Q – Leap Strike. If you trap him with your ult, he doesn’t really care because he can easily fight you with his ult on and Counterstrike.

Pantheon – most of your damage is going to be negated through his Passive, which blocks your auto-attacks. Plus, his all-ins will beat yours early, especially if he takes Ignite into lane.

Tips for playing Camille

  • Your ult makes you untargetable while you cast it, making it an ideal tool for dodging CC or heavy damage abilities.
  • You can hit an enemy in the fog of war with your E – Hookshot, as your second cast will still sense a nearby champ you cannot see.
  • You can flash after either cast of your Hookshot to extend the range of the stun.

Tips for playing against Camille

  • Her ult only lasts as long as she is still inside the Hextech Ultimatum, so if you knock her out of the zone the lockdown effect will end.
  • Her ultimate will also follow targets that are dashing, so don’t bother flashing to get away once she’s in the air. You can also use this to bait her into your team.
  • Always try to wait out trading with Camille until her Passive is down unless you can trade with a mixed type of damage.

Champion Difficulty: 8/10

Camille’s kit is considered to be “overloaded” meaning that there are a lot of different nuances that allow her to outplay opponents. This is both a blessing and a curse, as Camille can also use those tools to misplay. Ult the wrong target, miss your hook shot or don’t keep track of your Passive and you can die very easily.

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