League of Legends Patch 9.9 notes breakdown

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[REMOVED] Hunter’s Potion

This was a noob trap item. If you needed it to jungle, you were screwing up. Glad Riot decided to remove it.


"Base Stats DAMAGE: 25 >>> 35 MURAMANA: Also applies to Muramana"

Hope all the Ezreal mains are happy.



"BONUS ARMOR: 70-120 based on level when immobilizing an enemy champion >>> 70 (+0.5 bonus armor, max 80-150 based on level) when immobilizing an enemy champion BONUS MAGIC RESISTANCE: 70-120 based on level when immobilizing an enemy champion >>> 70 (+0.5 bonus magic resistance, max 80-150 based on level) when immobilizing an enemy champion DAMAGE: 10-120 based on level (+0.03 maximum health)(+0.15 bonus attack damage)(+0.1 ability power) >>> 10-120 based on level (+0.04 maximum health)"

Man if you’re a Lissandra main you gotta be furious right now. These changes basically make Aftershock entirely geared towards tanks rather than carries who can CC from short range. That’s honestly a bit of a shame because I liked having a rune that could be good situationally on unique champions.

Bone Plating

"DAMAGE BLOCKED :: 25-50 based on level >>> 30-60 based on level"

Glad they didn’t overbuff this rune. When Bone Plating is good, it becomes mandatory regardless of the match-up.


"PASSIVE: All movement speed bonuses are 10% more effective >>> 1% movement speed + all movement speed bonuses are 7% more effective"

Basically, screw you Hecarim. And this will probably be taken on just about all junglers again, as it becomes a bit more of the default rune in this tree.

Cheap Shot

"DAMAGE: 8-40 based on level >>> 10-45 based on level"

Nothing to say, I thought Cheap Shot was in a fine spot.


"RESISTANCES AT 10 MINUTES: 8 bonus armor and and bonus magic resistance >>> 9 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance"

Still, no one is taking this. Playing without an effective rune for the first 10 minutes of the game just isn’t worth it unless the payoff is huge.


"TOOLTIP: Now shows how much damage the next Demolish empowered basic attack will do"


Ghost Poro

"[NEW] I SEE YOU: Additionally grants 2 adaptive force when a Ghost Poro spots an enemy (maximum stats are unchanged)"

I’m guessing the bonus adaptive force goes away when the Ghost Poro is scared off. In that case, who cares because you’ll only have the adaptive force for a brief window.

Magical Footwear

"SPAWN TIME: 10 minutes (-30 seconds per takedown) >>> 12 minutes (-45 seconds per takedown)"

Decent change. Makes taking this rune higher risk/higher reward.

Relentless Hunter

"OUT-OF-COMBAT MOVEMENT SPEED: 8 (+8 per stack) >>> 10 (+9 per stack)"

This run is really good on those who want it (junglers, assassins, roamers) and terrible on anyone who doesn’t. That’s still the case.


"DAMAGE :: 10-30 based on level >>> 15-35 based on level"

Thought Scorch was a decent rune as well, but the buffs will make it stronger.

Ultimate Hunter

ULTIMATE COOLDOWN REDUCTION :: 5% (+3% per stack), up to 20% at max stacks >>> 5% (+4% per stack), up to 25% at max stacks

Wow, this could actually be massive on champs with high-impact ults. Very nice buff.

Jungle changes

Rift Scuttler

"INITIAL SPAWN TIME: 2:00 >>> 3:15"

This is going to have huge implications for early jungle pathing. That’s a big source of XP off the board for an extra 75 seconds, which means junglers will either be eating two to three camps before Scuttler spawns (meaning they’ll be fighting over it with blue and red buff) or they’ll be early cheese ganking. I’m sorry to say, but my money is on that a lot more junglers who can go red to gank are going to rise in priority.

However, if Scuttle Crabs are spawning on both sides of the river, this could eliminate vertical jungling because now junglers won’t be set massively behind if they face their opponent without having taken Scuttle. Instead, they can ward river later and adjust mid-clear to get one of the Scuttlers.

My (uneducated) prediction is that the standard clear becomes full red-side clear (Red Buff > Krugs > Raptors) with a ward in river around 2:30-2:45 (before Raptors). Champions who can do this high XP/longer clear like Jarvan, Lee Sin, and the like will continue to be stronger while those junglers that prefer a blue start get gimped.

However, there could also be the possibility of doing a blue to red-side clear (Blue Buff > Raptors > ward river > Red Buff) but I feel this wouldn’t be as efficient as far as XP. That said, if it doesn’t put the blue-starting jungler behind massively in experience, it could be a viable option. It just depends how the numbers shake out.

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