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League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Ravager Nocturne. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Lanes Nocturne Players Love

  • Nidalee: Nidalee is another champion without a lot of early gank pressure. Unlike Nocturne, however, she doesn’t have any big ability that allows her to gank at six, so you can basically out-farm her and avoid fighting her early.
  • Rengar: His only crowd control ability is easily blocked by the spell shield and you can counter every one of his ultimate ganks with your own ult. As long as you stay away from brush, you should be fine against Rengar.
  • Skarner: More than any other jungler, Skarner’s main engage and CC is easily telegraphed for you to spell shield. He’ll never be able to out-damage you and your post-six ganks will just beat his. Plain and simple.

Lanes Nocturne Players Hate

  • Rammus: Nocturne struggles mightily into most tanks in the jungle because he doesn’t really have ways to deal damage to them outside of auto attacking. No one punishes auto attackers more severely than Rammus, who will rush Ninja Tabi and Bramble Vest then say “okay” as you do no damage to her. Sure, you can avoid the CC with a well-timed spell shield, but the thing about Rammus is that he always has more CC. And you can’t damage him.
  • Amumu: Another tank with a kit packed full of CC to stop you from doing anything once you ult in. The plus side is that Amumu isn’t going to be doing damage back to you while you are auto attacking him.
  • Shyvana: Unlike the rest of the tanks on this list, Shyvana loves playing against Nocturne because she essentially gets a free path to level six. Since Nocturne can’t out-pressure her early and she doesn’t have any major CC that he can spell shield, Shyvana can avoid fights until she eventually gets to the point where she just wins with more damage in her scaling kit.

Tips for playing Nocturne

  • You can use R – Paranoia without using the dash! It’s great if you want to stop a Baron steal, dissuade a dive, or prevent enemies from coordinating their abilities together.
  • Your W – Shroud of Darkness can be triggered by using it to block the Dragon’s basic attack! Use it to get that bonus attack speed in a skirmish around the drake pit.
  • If you hit a stealthed champion with Q – Duskbringer, it will still leave a trail behind their movements. You can also use it when hitting turrets as long as you’re on the trail, or even leave the trail behind you if you feel you’ll need to get away quickly.

Tips for playing against Nocturne

  • It goes without saying, but get away from his Q – Duskbringer’s trail whenever you can so he can’t get the bonus MS and AD from being on it.
  • If Nocturne ults and you’re near a brush, dip into it ASAP. He cannot ult you if you are out of sight! Same goes if you have an ability that grants invisibility or camouflage.
  • When Nocturne ults, you should also run towards a teammate. Not only will it bring him into a group of your buddies, but you’ll also gain your ally’s vision if you are close enough!

Champion Difficulty: 3/10

Nocturne isn’t a very difficult champion to figure out, nor does he have a very difficult skill curve. That said, using his base abilities does require a little bit of finesse to work. You’ll especially need to get confident using his ultimate because it can be a bit tricky figuring out when to use the second cast and when to hold it.

Because of his one-dimensional kit, Nocturne tends to be a “stat-check” champion. If he has enough damage and clear speed to clear and duel effectively, he’ll be strong. If not, he’ll be a mid-tier champion in his role.

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