League of Legends Patch 9.9 tier list: low elo edition

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Urgot. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Top lane

S tier: Urgot, Darius, Jax
A tier: Yasuo, Yorick, Teemo, Kayle, Illaoi, Vayne, Tahm Kench, Garen, Nasus, Kled, Rumble, Riven, Volibear, Shen, Sion, Renekton, Wukong
B tier: Malphite, Dr. Mundo, Kennen, Fiora, Rengar
C tier: Vladimir, Hecarim, Irelia, Camille, Ornn, Gangplank, Neeko, Jayce, Aatrox, Singed, Maokai, Akali, Pantheon, Quinn, Cho’Gath, Poppy, Ryze, Tryndamere
D tier: Gnar, Olaf, Sylas, Trundle Maokai

As a really quick and dirty breakdown of what changed from Patch 9.8, Nasus, Garen, Yasuo, and Teemo have all fallen out of the S tier to A tier, replaced by Darius and Jax (Urgot was already S tier last patch). As far as champions that got hit hard in our regular top lane tier list, we would have expected picks like Hecarim and Kayle to fall off in low elo. However, Kayle was A tier last patch while Hecarim was only B tier at the time, meaning both fell but only slightly.

More effective in low elo:
Darius (S vs. A tier)
Urgot (S vs. A tier)
Yasuo (A vs. B tier)
Vayne (A vs. B tier)
Teemo (S vs. A tier)
Tahm Kench (A vs. C tier)
Nasus (A vs. B tier)
Volibear (A vs. C tier)
Shen (A vs. B tier)
Sion (A vs. B tier)
Wukong (A vs. C tier)

Less effective in low elo:
Riven (A vs. S tier)
Renekton (A vs. S tier)
Kennen (B vs. A tier)
Fiora (B vs. A tier)
Vladimir (C vs. A tier)
Hecarim (C vs. A tier)
Irelia (C vs. A tier)
Camille (C vs. A tier)
Jayce (C vs. A tier)
Ornn (C vs. B tier)
Gangplank (C vs. B tier)
Poppy (C vs. B tier)
Akali (C vs. B tier)
Pantheon (C vs. B tier)
Gnar (D vs. C tier)
Sylas (D vs. C tier)
Olaf (D vs. B tier)

Champions low elo players need to stop playing:
Irelia (C tier, 6.4% play rate)
Aatrox (C tier, 4.9% play rate)
Tryndamere (C tier, 4.6% play rate)
Vladimir (C tier, 4.3% play rate)
Dr. Mundo (B tier, 4.2% play rate)
Akali (C tier, 4.0% play rate)

Champions low elo players need to play more:
Wukong (A tier, 1.1% play rate)
Kled (A tier, 1.7% pick rate)
Sion (A tier, 1.7% pick rate)
Rumble (A tier, 2.0% pick rate)
Volibear (A tier, 2.0% pick rate)
Tahm Kench (A tier, 2.2% pick rate)
Vayne (A tier, 2.5% pick rate)

Top laners low elo players need to stop wasting bans on:
Vladimir (C tier, 13.5% ban rate)
Irelia (C tier, 12.1% ban rate)