MSI Semi-Final Preview: SK Telecom T1 vs. G2 Esports

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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G2 Esports.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

G2 Esports

The potential for the bloodiest game in international finals history was washed away by Team Liquid’s massive result in the first semi-final of the weekend. With a kills per game ratio of 17.5 during the LPL spring split, Invictus Gaming are without a doubt the most blood-thirsty roster in global League of Legends right now. Nevertheless, there is a contender for that title as G2 Esports themselves hold a similar ratio of 17.2 in the LEC so far this season. While we were denied a potential 200 kill BO5 series, we can still hope that the second of these teams makes it through to the final game to showcase their incredibly aggressive play style.

Bringing together five of the best European players of all time has created a super-team the likes of which EU fans have never seen before. It’s already been debated as to whether this side is the best European roster of all time, and international success in the form of an MSI trophy would certainly cement their place as EU’s best.

Wunder in the top lane not only provides amazing consistency and carry potential, but also a huge champion ocean that has been utilised to full effect during MSI so far with a number of flex options. He is also backed up by Jankos who is constantly looking for gank options throughout the top side of the map, working in tandem with Caps to create a gold lead and roam to top/bot to extend their advantage. While the Perkz/Mikyx duo impressed during the LEC, they’ve underperformed at MSI so far and will be hoping to improve heading into the knockout stage.

Ultimately it’s a case of whether G2 Esports’ intense, high tempo aggression can be halted by SKT’s clever, patient approach. Will Clid be able to adapt and hover around his vulnerable solo laners? If SKT cannot handle the fast pace of G2 in the early game, then we could well see the European giants head for their first ever international final.

One to Watch: Rasmus “Caps” Winther

He may have been denied the opportunity to get a taste of revenge against Rookie in the MSI final for the events of Worlds 2018, but Caps will be more determined than ever to prove himself against Faker before clapping Jensen back in the final. Competing with Wunder and Jankos for plaudits during international tournaments is a very difficult task, but Caps has shown throughout MSI so far that he is up to that task and has continued to dominate with one carry performance after another.

The Danish prodigy in the middle lane has wowed audiences throughout this tournament so far, particular when operating on his 100% win rate Sylas pick. He’s also adept at carrying through other champions, as LEC fans are already well aware, with previous victories against Flash Wolves and SKT while on Akali and LeBlanc respectively. Caps’ KDA might be significantly lower than his 8.1 during the LEC playoffs, but he’s continued to show why many consider him to be Europe’s current best player.

Once again though, he’s got to face off against Faker for a chance to reach his second consecutive international final. So far Caps has got the better over his SKT counter-part during MSI, with 2 wins in as many games, and complete control of the center of the map. That being said, BO5s are a completely different kettle of fish, and one would assume G2’s mid laner will be determined to get the better over Faker in at least three of tomorrows important games.