League of Legends Patch 9.10 tier list: mid lane

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Vladimir. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Additions


This is going to be a theme for a lot of tier lists we go through this patch, but Aatrox is extremely strong right now. Played in three positions – top, mid, and jungle – it seems like the rework to his kit is strong enough to abuse despite the recent Conqueror nerfs.


Rumble is one of those weird, off-meta picks that we see crop up in our mid tier list from time to time. For warning, three out of the eight tier lists didn’t rate him at all, but four tier lists had him as a B or better pick.

New Subtractions


Galio was in D tier (now what we would consider F tier) in the last few patches. He managed to hang around in Patch 9.9, but now it seems he’s completely unviable in the mid lane.


Another pick who was in F tier last patch, Kayle struggled mightily in the mid lane following the nerfs she received in Patch 9.8. Now, she’s completely dropped off our tier list.


Thankfully, the ridiculous pocket pick that was full AP Nautilus is no more in the mid lane. Unless you’re Faker himself, please stop ruining other people’s solo queue games with this pick.

Rising Champions

Vladimir (A to A+ tier)

We added the new A+ tier to make a differentiation between high A (now A+), mid A (now just A), and low A (now just B+). Vlad is definitely a very strong, though not God-tier, pick in Patch 9.10, and rose from being a decently strong A tier pick last patch.

Sylas (B to A tier)

After some nice buffs in Patch 9.9, the Unshackled rose drastically in the last two patches. He completely skipped over the B+ tier with this jump today, indicating he went from merely above-average to a strong pick. However, opinion of him ranged between some considering him to be an S tier pick and others rating him as a D tier pick.

Xerath (B to B+)

Xerath was a B tier pick last patch, but now he’s going to be considered in the new B+ tier. He’s more than an above-average pick, he’s strong though not necessarily overpowered. This makes sense, given just about every list we looked at rated Xerath as either an A or B tier pick.

Ekko (B to A tier)

Ekko was very much towards the middle of that B tier last patch, but he’s moved on up to A tier now. I didn’t think the buffs he got in Patch 9.9 were anything major, but it was enough to bump him up to the A tier.

Irelia (D to C tier)

If we’d left the tier list set up the same way Irelia would still be sitting in the C tier, indicating he’s a below-average pick. This is a far cry from last patch, where he was closer to being a troll-tier pick. He’s improved and it’s certainly worth noting.