League of Legends Patch 9.10 tier list: mid lane

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Falling Champions

Lux (B+ to B tier)

One of the goals with adding the new B+ tier was to give some love to champions we felt are strong enough to be considered solid picks, but not quite the meta-stompers that A, A+, or S tier picks are. Lux is a perfect example of this, and in Patch 9.10 she fell from what would be the B+ tier to the B tier.

At least four tier lists have her rated as an A tier pick or better, indicating she is decently strong, but a few tier lists having her in the C or D tiers. Is she a slam-dunk pick to spam? No, but she’s certainly better than most.

Orianna (B+ to B tier)

Orianna was in A tier last patch, but with how we re-oriented the tier lists if she had remained the same she’d be considered a B+ tier pick this patch. Unfortunately, because no list had Orianna better than a B pick (and a couple had her as a C pick), she’s not considered more than an above-average pick.

Kassadin (B+ to B tier)

Same sort of story when it comes to Kassadin, but opinion over him is much more spread. At least three sites consider him to be an A tier pick but two others don’t even have him rated at all.

Anivia (B+ to B tier)

Anivia was in what used to be the A tier, but she dropped significantly after Patch 9.10. She’s currently above-average for her position, but there’s not enough strong sentiment to indicate that she’s anything more than that. Only one site considers her an A tier pick.

Ekko (B+ to B tier)

After a brief rebound to the A tier following some nice buffs in 9.9, Ekko dropped right back to where he was in Patch 9.8. He’s above-average, not good, although a couple of tier lists do have him in their A tier.

Corki (B to C tier)

When we remade the tier list divisions, we wanted the B/C tier to be the divider between above and below-average picks. Right now, Corki has fallen below the average ranking for mid laners, putting him into the C tier.

Taliyah (B+ to C tier)

Taliyah is still considered to be a very strong pick by some tier lists (she’s rated S tier by one and A tier by two others). Unfortunately, the majority of the tier lists have her rated C tier or lower.

Zilean (B+ to C tier)

Similar to Taliyah, Zilean was a strong pick last patch but has dropped off below the average rank of mid laners in Patch 9.10. Half of sites think Zilean is a very strong (A tier or better), but the other half think she is C or lower.

Leblanc (B to C tier)

One of those classic high-skill champions that gets rated high by experts, who think it’s a strong pick. Unfortunately, she tends to have such a poor win rate (she’s currently at 47.7% in Plat and above) that most stat-based sites have her rated very low. As a result, she’s put below average right now.

Twisted Fate (B to C tier)

TF was a decently strong pick last patch, but with half the sites we audited rating him C tier or lower, it’s hard to justify putting him in the B tier. His overall ranking is below the average, for right now.

Karthus (B to C tier)

Karthus as well is a victim of how we re-oriented the tier list. If it was the last patch, he’d still be in the B tier, but unfortunately, since he’s got an average ranking below the middle of the pack he’s a C tier pick.

Cassiopeia (B to C tier)

On the other hand, Cassiopeia dropped significantly from last patch. Three tier lists have her D tier or unranked, which is a far cry for just having a few sites think you’re a C tier pick. That level of distrust in Cassio prevents her from being above the average rank of mids.

Ziggs (C to D tier)

In the new D tier, we have champions who aren’t close to being a decent pick. Ziggs falls into this category right now, since only one single tier list has him listed above C tier.

Jayce (C to D tier)

Although two tier lists have the decency to consider Jayce mid to be a C tier pick, the fact that he’s not even rated by three of the eight sites we audited pushes him to the D tier. He may be an okay pick in skilled hands, but right now we don’t have the confidence to recommend him generally.

Annie (C to D tier)

Annie is in the same spot of Ziggs. Only one tier list has her above C tier and two don’t have her rated at all. But the majority of sites have her in that D or lower tier.

Aurelion Sol (C to F tier)

Sol demonstrates perfectly why the new F tier was added. Yes, there are a couple of sites that have him rated B or A tier, but half of the sites don’t rate him at all. While he was at least rated by half of the ratings we looked at – the minimum needed to make our tier list – being left off half the tier lists indicates he’s not considered a viable pick by the plurality of sources we used.

Swain (C to F tier)

Similar to Sol, Swain was left off the rankings of half the sites we used. Worse yet, Swain wasn’t even considered to be above a C tier pick by those that did end up ranking him.

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