League of Legends Patch 9.10 tier list: top lane

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Aatrox. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Additions

Karma, Viktor

Both are entering the tier list as F tier picks, so it doesn’t really bear a lot to go into deep detail about these picks. Neither of them was rated as higher than a C tier pick by any site we audited, and they were left off the lists of half of those sites. It’s far more likely they fall off our tier list next patch than rise up, absent some hefty buffs.

New Subtractions


After all the buffs the Titan of the Depths got, a lot of people were thinking that the era of top lane Nautilus was back upon us. Unfortunately, that is not the case. His pick rate in top lane is below picks like Annie, Udyr, Anivia, and Diana (yes, those are all more picked as top laners than Naut).

Rising Champions

Aatrox (D to S tier)

Unquestionably the biggest improvement of any champion in Patch 9.10 was Aatrox, which is honestly flabbergasting. Yes, he got some very nice changes in Patch 9.9 allowing him to heal up like he has a Soraka behind him at all times, but with Conqueror getting nerfed, you would have thought he would have been tempered a bit. Instead, he’s up here, rated as S tier by four of the eight tier lists we audited.

Darius (A+ to S tier)

A much more modest rise for Darius, who is consistently rated as an A or S tier pick by our sites. It makes sense, given that he has the third-highest pick rate of top laners worldwide but almost a 52% win rate.

Urgot (A to A+ tier)

Another juggernaut that probably loved Conqueror, Urgot has held pretty strong in the tier lists of late. Half the sites consider him to be S tier, but the others have a pretty split opinion between A and B tier.

Illaoi (B+ to A tier)

Illaoi got a healthy bump from the B+ tier now that no single site we audited rated her below B tier. The fact that she’s currently rocking the highest win rate of any top laner in Plat and above with more than a 2% pick rate certainly doesn’t hurt.

Gangplank (B to A tier)

Similarly, GP rose to the A tier thanks to a couple of sites changing their rankings from C or D in 9.9 to B tier in the current patch. In addition, two other sites brought him up from B to A tier in their rankings, contributing to the bump.

Nasus (B to B+ tier)

Nasus has a lot more disagreement as to his position, with two sites still rating him C or D tier while another has him in S. This ultimately puts his average to B+, but be wary by the fact that some sources have him much stronger or weaker. Then again, his 52.3% win rate in Plat plus is certainly going to comfort mains of “D cane.”

Tahm Kench (C to B tier)

After his mini-rework in Patch 9.9, Kench came off the bench into the top lane tier list in a big way. Now, he’s continued to rise as more and more of our source rankings are confident to put him in their S or A tier. Half of them, to be exact.

Sylas (C to B tier)

Sylas also rebounded after some buffs in Patch 9.9, but for those concerned he would return to his release, OP status, don’t worry. Three sites still don’t rate him above a C tier top laner and he was left off one site’s ranking altogether. Although he’s in some sites’ S and A tiers, it’s not clear-cut that he is pick/ban.

Tryndamere (D to C tier)

Direct buffs in 9.10 – which were actually also a revert of the nerfs targetted at AP Tryndamere in Patch 8.6 – did help Tryndamere a bit. Unfortunately, only three sites currently rate him as an A or B tier pick, which is as many as rate him as D or F tier.