League of Legends Patch 9.10 tier list: jungle

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Riot Games - Karthus is a premier pick for a jungler
Karthus. League of Legends. /

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On release, Riot said that they envisioned Sylas as being able to play as a jungler or solo laner. Unfortunately, he never really became any sort of a meta jungler, peaking in the C tier for one patch before, now, falling off completely


Twitch is of those niche junglers abused by one-tricks and smurfs like KingStix. Right now, he’s left off our tier list, but those who love climbing with him are sure to give him a play.


One of the more curious consequences of the Urgot “rework” was him becoming a jungler (never higher than C tier though). That trend seems to have ended now.

Rising Champions

Karthus (A+ to S tier)

Rocking a 51% win rate in Patch 9.10, Karthus has clearly benefitted from the Runic Echoes buffs. No tier list has him rated lower than a B.

Evelynn (A to A+ tier)

Also a Runic Echoes user, Eve saw her ranking rise thanks to more sites giving her the S tier stamp (2) than did last patch. Her 51.7% win rate on the new patch certainly backs up that claim.

Rammus (A to A+ tier)

Everyone has finally seen the glory of AP Rammus! Just kidding, but with over a 54% win rate and two sites giving him an S tier rating, Rammus is unquestionably the best tank jungler in the game.

Elise (B+ to A tier)

Not only is Elise a Runic Echoes user she also specifically benefitted from the buffs to Hunters Talisman that we’ll talk about later. I would have expected her ranking to go up more than hers did. Unfortunately, her win rate has stayed static from last patch (51.9%) to this one (51.8%).

Aatrox (F to C tier)

Despite his favorite rune getting nerfed, Aatrox is starting to find a home in the jungle. Just like in top lane, now that people are learning how to play the re-tuned Aatrox’s kit, they’re starting to have more success with him. His win rate has gone up half a percentage point from the last patch.