League of Legends Patch 9.10 tier list: jungle

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Kayn. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Falling Champions

Kayn (A+ to A tier)

His win rate dropped slightly and so did his ranking. I don’t think this is a sign of Kayn getting weaker, and I’d be surprised if he drops.

Nunu & Willump (A+ to A tier)

A surprising drop, for sure since Nunu was one of the premiere tank junglers prior to 9.10. Now that the meta is slowly shifting towards a tank meta in the jungler (twice as many tank junglers are in our top 20 as opposed to Patch 9.8) with Scuttle Crab control still being an easy way to dominate, you would think Nunu would be a monster. Alas, though, two sites think of him as a C tier pick despite his almost 54% win rate.

Jarvan IV (S to A tier)

As the early game jungle meta is slowly dying (and after a healthy number of nerfs) Jarvan getting more B rankings than any other grade. Even though he still has some believers giving him S or A grades, it’s not enough to keep him in the throne he’s occupied for so long.

Rek’Sai (A to B+ tier)

Similar to J4, Rek’Sai has lost her mantle as a priority jungler after a bunch of nerfs. She has one tier list putting her in the D grade (even though four others have her as an S or A), but her ugly 48.6% win rate is not doing her proponents any favors.

Kindred (A to B+ tier)

Those changes to make Scuttle Crab spawn later indirectly nerfed Kindred out of the A tier. She’s hovering barely above a 50% win rate in Platinum and above.

Shaco (B+ to B tier)

Curiously, those quality of life buffs to his ultimate did not help Shaco’s rankings or his win rate. The consensus for this ranking is pretty strong, he’s an above-average pick but not particularly dominant.

Udyr (B+ to B tier)

Another jungler who dominated the early game, Udyr is still rocking around a 53% win rate in Plat plus. However, he now has some detractors rating him as C or below. More than Shaco, I could see Udyr rebound next patch to the B+ or A tier.

Jax (B+ to B tier)

He got hit, a bit, by the Guinsoos nerf, but also took that Conqueror nerf on the chin. He’s only got two sites giving him an A grade and his win rate dropped 1.3% from the last patch.

Rengar (B to C tier)

I’m not too concerned about Rengar since he is literally just below the cutoff to be in the B tier. I’d expect he’ll be right back to a B or B+ pick next patch.

Graves (B to C tier)

Graves actually got buffed in 9.10 but didn’t see any change to his win rate (which is slightly below 50%). That didn’t change the minds of any of the sources we looked at, which gave him all Cs and Bs, across the board.

Volibear (C to D tier)

Another tank we would have thought would like being able to take longer to scale up, Voli took a massive nosedive in Patch 9.10. While one site has him at an A and two others gave him Bs, two others didn’t rank him at all. He does have a 54.1% win rate, so I think this rating is lower than it should be.

Pantheon (C to D tier)

Another jungler who loved the early game meta, Pantheon only got graded a B by two sites. All the rest were Cs, Ds, and unranked.

Skarner (C to D tier)

Captain Flowers, avert your eyes. Skarner’s win rate dropped 0.8% in one patch despite no direct buffs or nerfs. He did, at least, get the A tier blessing from one site, but two others gave the scorpion Fs.

Warwick (C to D tier)

Warwick’s always been kind of a utility jungler, who can do decently in just about any meta. However, there is a fairly consistent consensus that he’s too weak now, with only two sites even rating him a B tier pick.

Trundle (C to D tier)

The Troll King is a borderline troll pick at his point, getting much closer to F tier than he is to the C tier he used to be. Two failing grades and being unranked by two sites will do that.

Nocturne (C to F tier)

I don’t know what is going on with Nocturne, but it is an overwhelming consensus that he has dropped off from a high-C tier pick to F tier. He only got one B tier grade from the sites we looked at. His win rate isn’t that bad, at 49.4%, but apparently, all these sites have some reason to drop him to basically troll tier.

Wukong (D to F tier)

The rumblings of a mini-rework to his kit that will allow him to better jungle couldn’t have come at a better time. He is the worst-rated jungler, getting failing grades or no rating from half the sites we pulled data from.