League of Legends champion profile: Shyvana, the Half-Dragon

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Championship Shyvana. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Lanes Shyvana players love

  • Nocturne: He has the same general play pattern as you, get to six and impact the map with huge gank ability. Unlike Nocturne, though, you scale like a monster and you’ll get enough free stats to tank his 1v1 damage.
  • Sejuani: One of the slowest farmers in the game, you should be able to out-level Sej very quickly and then 1v1 her with ease. Yes, Sejuani has better team fight impact, but as Shyvana you should be looking for those duels and your mixed damage is a nightmare for her.
  • Zac: Again, she’ll beat out his extremely slow clear early and be able to 1v1 him once she has items. In addition, all her AoE damage will be able to help kill Zac’s blobs from his passive.

Lanes Shyvana players hate

  • Lee Sin: He destroys you in the phase of the game you’re weakest. Even if Lee isn’t constantly invading you in your jungle, he’ll be getting his lanes ahead with ganks while your lanes cry that their jungler is AFK farming (which, you kind of have to on Shyvana before level six).
  • Graves: He farms faster than you, he can duel you if you try to fight him in his jungle, his smokescreen utterly neuters your kit, and he can out damage you if you’re not careful. Don’t try to contest Graves.
  • Trundle: Those are some pretty nice stats you’re getting from taking all those dragons and from your ult. It’d be a real shame if someone were to steal them by clicking on you.

Tips for playing Shyvana

  • With good positioning and timing, Q – Twin Bite can massively extend the duration of R – Dragon’s Descent. By hitting three targets, it generates enough Fury to stay in dragon form for another two seconds.
  • W – Burnout provides the largest bonus movement speed at the start of the ability, so it’s very useful to get a quick burst of speed that can be used to juke skill shots and enemies.
  • When clearing the jungle, Q – Twin Bite can be used to clear the lesser monsters quickly before vanquishing the bigger ones.  On the other hand, E – Flame Breath can be used with good positioning to mark all monster camps in order to attack effectively.  W – Burnout, however, effects multiple monsters, particularly the lesser ones so she can focus the bigger ones in combat

Tips for playing against Shyvana

  • All of Shyvana’s abilities hit multiple enemies in dragon form. It’s important for opposing champions to not cluster while fighting her.
  • Shyvana is incredibly weak early, having a very hard time dueling anyone early in the game. If you’re an aggressive jungler who can invade her, be sure to do it.
  • You can track her ult timer by looking at her Fury bar. When she doesn’t have full Fury in human form, you can fight knowing you’re safe from her engage. In dragon form, you can track how long it will be until she loses all those bonus stats.

Champion Difficulty: 3/10

Shyvana is a really simple champion to learn, and her mechanics will probably not take much time to master. Shyvana’s real difficulty is picking your spots to fight, being able to path and farm efficiently, and knowing when you can or cannot engage a fight.

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