League of Legends champion profile: Urgot, the Dreadnought

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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High Noon Urgot. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Lanes Urgot players love

  • Nasus: A melee juggernaut who is even weaker than Urgot in his weakest point (early game)? That’s Urgot’s favorite dish.
  • Ryze: He may not be melee or a tank, but Ryze is also weak early and his short range makes him liable to get poked down by Urgot’s passive damage and Q’s. Plus, Urgot can snipe Ryze even if he tries to escape with his own ult.
  • Pantheon: Wanna know how to make Pantheon’s passive shield useless? Hit him with a bunch of AoE damage off your own passive and Q.

Lanes Urgot players hate

  • Kennen: As mentioned above, ranged matchups into Urgot generally feel awful. Kennen not only has that massive range, he can also get those procs from his passive on you easily to stun your engage before it even starts.
  • Jayce: Between his Acceleration Gate and being able to swat you away with his hammer, Jayce says “no” to your every attempt to get on him. Plus, he’s got that massive range and he’ll just poke you down with ease.
  • Yasuo: One word: windwall. If you want to ult anyone on the other team, Yasuo has that one ability that will make it completely useless.

Tips for playing Urgot

  • His main combo is to initiate with E – Disdain, immediately use W – Purge while on top of his enemy, then finish them off with Q – Corrosive Charge or R – Fear Beyond Death
  • R – Fear Beyond Death is best used to finish off a damaged foe, because low health targets can’t get away from the meat grinder once they’re hooked. Note, though, that the ability does have a very slow cast time, so it can be easy to dodge.
  • Urgot’s legs don’t rotate when he turns, so you’ll have to maneuver around your opponents to make the most of your passive. E – Disdain can help to reposition and make the most of this damage, while W – Purge helps him proc his passive multiple times in rapid succession. Try to use both of these abilities to position so you’re getting damage from all six legs in a fight.

Tips for playing against Urgot

  • Urgot’s ranged auto-attacks and Echoing Flames gives him significant poke against melee top laners, but his legs are on a long cooldown early game. Once those shotgun legs are on cooldown, you can position in that area to trade on him aggressively.
  • If he spams his Q – Corrosive Charge, Urgot can easily go out of mana early on.
  • Urgot wants to get in close. He has very short range but can do a lot of damage once he gets in your face with his passive and W – Purge. Keep him at long range and poke him down for an easy win.

Champion Difficulty: 6/10

Urgot’s kit is simple looking at it because there aren’t a lot of conditions to consider beyond his shotgun knees. However, it will take a little time learning how to position with Urgot to make the most out of those gun legs. In addition, his damage comes primarily from skill shots, so you’ll need to put the time in to master those indicators and ranges to make sure you’re maximizing his full kit.

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