League of Legends Patch 9.11 tier list – support edition

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Battle Academia Lux. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Additions


The newest League of Legends champion finally gets herself a spot on the tier list now that players have had a patch to learn her kit. From the initial, embarrassing, sub-40% win rate the Magical Cat has improved to a respectable 46.23% win rate. That’ll get her into our B tier for now.


We noted in our last tier list that Veigar support just barely missed qualifying for our tier list. Well, now he’s back with five of eight tier lists rating him. Unfortunately, not a single one rates him above a C.

New Subtractions


Rising Champions

Lux (A+ to S tier)

I thought that maybe people were catching on to BeryL’s Guardian Lux strat that was taking over Korea. Instead, however, it appears that Aftershock Lux is the new meta wave, leading her to the light of a win rate over 53% in Platinum and above.

Janna (B+ to A+ tier)

Unsurprising that the buffs Janna got in Patch 9.11 flung her up to the top of our tier list. Her win rate is still around 52%, but she’s gotten S-tier rankings from three different sites. Last patch, she wasn’t getting an S grade from any tier list we audited.

Falling Champions

Morgana (S to A+ tier)

Morgana’s win rate in support fell off pretty sharply in Patch 9.11, dropping from 49.7% to 48.4%. Though she’s been clear of the nerf-bat recently, Morgana just isn’t considered as dominant a pick as she used to be.

Nami (S to A+ tier)

Nami has been an S tier champion for six of the last nine patches, and this is one of her lowest ratings on our tier list in that time. That’s not to say she’s not still a beast, because she’ll drown you with that 51.6% win rate.

Sona (A+ to A tier)

Sona has had a win rate in the top two among supports (according to op.gg) since Patch 9.7. Now, her win rate has dropped to third, which is hardly cause for concern. However, at least two sites have her listed below a B, which didn’t happen at all in 9.10.

Bard (B+ to B tier)

Bard actually has the second-highest win rate among supports in Patch 9.11, yet he fell to the B tier for the first time ever. The problem for Bard isn’t that a lot of sites think that he’s very weak. Instead, it’s that no site thinks he’s particularly good. Only two tier lists we audited gave him an A grade.

Blitzcrank (B+ to B tier)

Opinion of Blitzcrank is more split than just about any other support not named Yuumi. Some sites think he’s OP, but plenty of others think he’s below average. With squishy supports like Lux, Janna, and Nami dominating the top of the tier list, I’d think next patch Blitz might gain some traction.

Lulu (B+ to B tier)

Probably the weakest Enchanter support in the game right now, Lulu is sitting at a sub 50% win rate and is barely outside of our C tier. The fact that her highest grade from a site we looked at was a B doesn’t help her case.

Vel’Koz (B+ to C tier)

With high heal and shield supports in the meta, damage dealing supports like Vel’Koz and Brand are struggling at the moment. Vel’Koz was the king among those two, but now he is feeling the hurt, with his win rate dropping below 50% for the first time in a while.

Braum (C to D tier)

Similarly, supports without good engage are going to struggle into the Jannas of support. Right now, Braum is sitting there with one of the worst win rates among supports, one of the lowest pick rates, and as a result only two sites have given him a B grade in their rankings.

Galio (C to D tier)

Galio ate some nerfs in Patch 9.11 (well buffs for mid lane Galio) and his rankings have cratered as a result. He’s now firmly in the D list, rocking a 45% win rate in the support role.

Neeko (D to F tier)

Neeko’s always been something of a cheese pick in the support role, but with more and more Enchanters down in the bot lane to repel her damage, that cheese has begun to stink. She’s not rated by three of the eight sites we looked at, and those that did only saw one give her a B grade.