League of Legends Patch 9.11 tier list – jungle edition

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New Additions


Twitch jungle has always been a cheese pick that gets left off a lot of sites tier lists. Right now, he has enough grades to make it onto the list for us, but none rate him higher than D tier. Unless he’s your one-trick (in which case you don’t care what the tier lists say) he’s probably not worth playing.

New Subtractions


Even though she always seemed like something of an off-meta pick, Poppy has been on our tier lists pretty consistently. She’s only been left off our jungle tier list twice before this. Never really a priority pick, if you love playing Poppy jungle you’re probably going to keep doing so.

Rising Champions

Evelyn (A+ to S tier)

With one of the jungle kings in Karthus getting knocked from his perch, it makes sense that the next person in the line of succession takes his place. Eve was the third-ranked jungler in Patch 9.10 and now she enters the S tier for the first time since we started tracking them. She has unanimous approval too, with every site giving her an A or S grade.

Kayn (A to A+ tier)

Our old pal Karasmai will be thrilled to see his main has jumped up to become a borderline S tier pick. Two sites still putting him in their B tier was enough to outweigh all the other strong scores he got. Having a win rate of 50.9% doesn’t help either when compared to the kings of the jungle.

Nunu & Willump (A to A+ tier)

Similarly, Nunu & Willump rose in our tier lists with half of the sites giving them a grade of S tier. It was those other two that gave the Boy and his Yeti B grades that kept them outside the S tier, but with their improved 51.4% win rate, they are definitely a strong pick.

Sejuani (A to A+ tier)

With the nerfs to Rammus, Sejuani is becoming the premiere tank in solo queue right now. She sports the third-highest win rate among junglers (52.2%) and was therefore given an A grade by all but one tier list. Unfortunately, though, she only got S grades from two sites, so there aren’t a lot of folks who think she’s an elite, pick/ban jungler.

Elise (A to A+ tier)

Elise has been getting steadily buffed for a while now and it looks like she’s poised to become the queen of the jungle again soon. At least one site thinks so, putting her in the S tier, and with her fourth-best win rate in the jungle (52%), it’s not hard to see why.

Jarvan IV (A to A+ tier)

After taking a (big) step back following the nerfs in Patch 9.9, Jarvan appears to be back on the path towards the top echelon of junglers. Although he still has a win rate under 50% in high elo, he still has at least three sites that think he’s an S tier pick.

Rengar (C to B+ tier)

I actually think Rengar is a fairly strong pick at the moment since the Scuttle Crab spawn changes let him avoid fighting the enemy jungler until he gets a point in all his abilities. A lot of sites seem to agree, with him getting B, A, or S grades from seven of the eight sites we audited. That last one, though, has him in the F tier.

Warwick (D to C tier)

The buffs he got in Patch 9.11 were nice and had an effect, but it doesn’t change the fundamental problem that Warwick is kind of a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none. Only one out of eight sites rated him above C tier.

Taliyah (D to C tier)

This is a very unstable pick, as we have grades ranging between A tier to D tier with two sites omitting Taliyah completely. She is currently rocking a 51.7% win rate in high elo, so if you can play her well go right ahead. I just wouldn’t say she’s on the cusp of becoming meta again.

Gragas (D to C tier)

Despite the buffs he got in Patch 9.11, most sites we audited still don’t have a strong grade on Gragas. He’s gotten almost all Bs and Cs, with one F and one site omitting him.

However, we should note that his win rate has edged above 50% for the first time in a few patches while his pick rate spiked to eighth best in the jungle. We could very well be seeing the return of Gragas as the dominant jungler, especially in pro play. God help us all.

Volibear (D to C tier)

No buffs to Voli, although he did get the long-awaited news that he will be one of the next champions in line for a rework. I, for one, will be awaiting the rise of our Ursine overlords. For now, though, he’s sitting with a 48.9% win rate in high elo, which is 31st among junglers.

Trundle (D to C tier)

Settle down, folks, the Troll King is not the king of the jungle. Although he does have two sites rating him as a B tier pick, he has as many tier lists putting him in their F tier.

Nocturne (F to D tier)

I thought having Nocturne in F tier last patch was some sort of oversight and I was right. Unfortunately, the oversight is that he deserved to be in D tier instead. Only one site puts Noc in their B tier and he has just under a 48% win rate.