League of Legends Patch 9.11 tier list – top lane edition

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Pyke. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Additions


Ah, it seems the “Wunders” of top-lane Pyke have finally reached the critical mass needed to enter our tier lists. Top lane Pyke is only in our C tier right now, but he was also left off of the tier lists of two sites we looked at. For the other six, opinion was pretty uniform that he is a B to A tier pick, so I think he’s stronger than this initial ranking indicates.


Once more unto the breach! With news of Mordekaiser’s rework coming soon, the Master of Metal has rejoined the tier list once again…to remind us why his kit so badly needed a rework.

He was unranked by three of the eight sites we audited. Of those that did include him, only one had him in their B tier, compared to three that had him as an F tier champion. Here’s hoping reworked Morde will be a mainstay in future patches.

New Subtractions


Although he remains strong in the jungle, the brief meta of top lane Hecarim seems to have finally ended. However, he still does have a 51.2% win rate with a 1.9% pick rate as a top laner. He might not be on our list, but Hecarim is certainly still a viable pick.


Another of those infrequent guests on the top lane tier list, Karma fell out after two straight patches in the F tier top. Not much to say other than she’s a niche pick in the top lane.

Rising Champions

Riven (A+ to S tier)

“Oh goodie, look who’s back in the S tier,” says every top laner sarcastically. She spent exactly one patch outside of the S tier following the 9.10 nerfs before everyone remembered she’s still ridiculously strong with Conqueror. After her win rate plummeted to just over 51%, it’s rebounded now to over 52.4%, which is the second-best win rate among top laners.

Renekton (A to A+ tier)

Renekton continues to creep his way up our tier list after the 9.8 nerfs. His lowest rating by any site we looked at was B tier, so the most pessimistic opinion is that he’s just okay. Play him if you want some nice, easy LP.

Tahm Kench (B to A+ tier)

No Hashinshin and other top laners aren’t paying me to bash top lane Tahm, he really is that OP. He’s gotten an S or A grade from all but two sites we looked at, one of which is still behind the times and has him unranked. Not only is he disgustingly annoying to play against, he sports an impressive 51.9% win rate as a top laner.

Yorick (B+ to A tier)

It’s shocking that Yorick rose in our tier lists after his win rate actually dropped in 9.11 (from 52.6% to 51.2%). Unlike past patches, though, he doesn’t have to deal with those split opinions and sites rating him in their C or D tiers. Every site that we audited for this patch rated Yorick as B or better.

Rumble (C to A tier)

Rumble top has come back into the meta in a big way this patch. His win rate increased by 0.7% from the last patch, but he also has more sites giving him A grades (with fewer giving him Cs and Ds) compared to 9.10.

Garen (B+ to A tier)

Now, this one comes with a big caveat because Garen barely hit the mark to make it into the A tier. This wasn’t a huge jump for the Might of Demacia, but he is in the A tier despite his win rate dropping.

Fiora (C to B+ tier)

Fiora’s win rate has been improving steadily since she started getting buffs in Patch 9.8, and the second round of buffs in 9.10 seem to be helping her out. It is worth noting that her win rate is still below 50% (49.3%), but only one site has her listed in their C tier.

Kennen (B to B+ tier)

Similar to Rumble, top lane Kennen has risen up in the meta with a modest 0.3% increase to his win rate. He’s also fairly stable among the tier lists we pulled data from, with six of eight giving him an A or B grade.

Camille (C to B tier)

The Steel Shadow is still very much looking to figure out how she fits into the top lane meta, but most tier lists have her solidly in that B tier right now. Her win rate, though, is just over 50% and has been dropping so she might also drop back into C tier in a patch or two.

Tryndamere (C to B tier)

Although he only jumped on tier, Tryndamere actually made up a lot of ground in Patch 9.11. Since he got buffs in Patch 9.10, his win rate went from below 50% (just below 48%) to over 51%!

He does still have several sites listing him in their D tier (and only one putting him as an A tier top) but perhaps the stats will continue to improve. Unfortunately, given how hard top lane Tahm destroys him, Tryndamere might not have a great time absent some quick nerfs.

Shen (C to B tier)

Shen currently has the fifth-best win rate among top laners at just over 52%. Despite this, He’s only gotten the A grade from a single tier list and as many sites gave him an F grade. I think Shen might be better than his ranking here indicates, but for now, this is where he slots.

Quinn (D to C tier)

The best win rate in the top lane – and the biggest jump in win rate for the last patch – belongs to Quinn. Currently sitting at a 52.6% win rate, she got nearly a full 2% boost from Patch 9.10 despite no direct buffs. She’s weighed down by a few sites putting her in their C and D tiers (with one site leaving her unranked) but she might be another undervalued pick that could rise higher in future patches.

Dr. Mundo (D to C tier)

Curiously, Mundo isn’t rated that much lower than Quinn, despite the fact his win rate is below 50%. However, his win rate has been rising for the last five patches and – unlike Quinn – he is on every sites tier list.

Rengar (D to C tier)

A nice little leap ahead by the kitty cat, but there is a lot of disagreement as to whether he belongs this high. Two sites rated him as A tier, but two others didn’t rate him at all, and the rest are scattered between B tier and F tier.

Cho’Gath (D to C tier)

Another pick without a lot of agreement behind it. At his best, Cho is rated in the B tier by other sites. At worst, well, he’s left off.

Singed (D to C tier)

Two sites have Signed in their A tier, one in their B tier, and the rest C tier or lower. His win rate may be just over 50%, but that hasn’t really moved in previous patches.

Olaf (D to C tier)

Olaf is another one with large disagreement on his ranking. Two sites have him unranked, four have him as a B tier champ, and the others have him C/D tier. He does have 51.8% win rate in top lane, at least.