League of Legends Champion Reveal – Qiyana, Empress of the Elements

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Qiyana. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /


"Passive – Royal Privilege Qiyana’s first attack or basic ability that damages an enemy deals bonus physical damage. Royal Privilege has a per-target cooldown that resets when Qiyana casts Terrashape to gain a different weapon enchantment than the one she currently has."

Qiyana’s passive is very similar to Jarvan’s in the fact that it deals bonus physical damage on the first auto attack on a champion. However, the second part of the passive involves the usage of her W – Terrashape, so depending on her cooldowns, she could proc her Royal Privilege multiple times in a teamfight or skirmish.

"Q – Edge of Ixtal / Elemental Wrath Qiyana swings her weapon, damaging enemies hit (reduced damage to targets beyond the first). Whenever Qiyana enchants her weapon with Terrashape, this ability upgrades to Elemental Wrath and resets its cooldown.Elemental Wrath: Qiyana overcharges her enchantment to blast it in a target direction, detonating on the first enemy hit or at max range. The detonation damages enemies and: River Enchantment: Briefly roots enemies hit, then slows them Wall Enchantment: Deals bonus damage to low-health enemies Brush Enchantment: Leaves a canopy trail that stealths Qiyana and grants movement speed. Canopy fades early if Qiyana attacks an enemy or leaves its area."

As is standard for most champions, Qiyana’s Q seems like it’ll be the main damage source and spammable ability. Judging by the shape of the weapon, it makes sense for her to swing it forwards as a straight-line skillshot. However, the enchantments are the most interesting aspect of this ability.

The river enchantment is an excellent tool to start a fight or catch escaping enemies, the wall enchantment is perfect for deleting low health opponents, and the brush enchantment creates yet another assassin with annoying stealth. Overall there is a lot packed into a single ability and it will be hard to judge how broken it is until more information is released.

"W – Terrashape Qiyana can target River, Wall, or Brush to dash toward it and enchant her weapon with it. While Qiyana’s weapon is enchanted, she gains attack speed, her attacks and basic abilities deal bonus damage, and she gains out-of-combat movement speed while near the corresponding terrain type."

Her W is a lot simpler as it seems to be a passive ability once used on a wall, river, or bush. Qiyana will probably look to always have her weapon enchanted by the river as it gives her a stun to start off fights, then she may use a nearby wall to swap to an execution enchantment on her hula-hoop.

"E – Audacity Qiyana dashes a fixed distance at target enemy, dealing physical damage to them."

Nothing to see here, just the assassin gap-closer. She’ll use this to catch up to every ADC or mage that will be looking to escape as soon as Qiyana appears on the screen.

"R – Supreme Display of Talent Qiyana creates a shockwave that knocks back enemies and stops when it hits a wall. Any River, Wall, and Brush hit by the shockwave explode to deal physical damage to enemies and stun them (distant enemies are stunned less)."

Qiyana has her own Gnar ultimate but with extra parts! If she’s looking to assassinate you near a wall, you’re pretty much already dead. This ult could be massive in teamfights, especially in tight, jungle areas.

Ultimately we’re looking at a scary AD assassin with so many options throughout her kit that it’ll make marksman players dizzy just trying to avoid instantly dying. It’s expected that she’ll be a solo laner, but she could also find her way into the jungle due to her enchantment passive and manoeuvrability.

We’ll have to wait to see how the elements tie into her weapon when she hits the PBE, but Qiyana’s kit looks extremely interesting so far!

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Are you an upcoming Qiyana main? Will you be instalocking her in solo queue? Let us know what you’re looking forward to from the new champion in the comments below!