League of Legends champion profile: Lulu, the Fae Sorceress

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Bittersweet Lulu. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Lanes Lulu players love

  • Braum: Lulu loves to play into melee matchups, especially ones that can’t hard-engage on her. Braum may be able to block a lot of her poke with his big shield, but for the most part Lulu gets to abuse him.
  • Vayne: This is a bit of a weird one because this matchup actually allows Lulu to use her E – Help, Pix! offensively, to get the true sight on Vayne when she’s in her ult. In addition, Vayne’s short range allows Lulu to easily bully her in lane before she starts to scale up into a monster.
  • Yuumi: As awful as it is to play against Yuumi, Lulu at least can match her in terms of shield and poke. In addition, she does just about everything Yuumi does in lane, without leaving her ADC basically all alone.

Lanes Lulu players hate

  • Blitzcrank: Like I said before, Lulu hates playing against hard-engage lanes, and no one has better engage than the Blitz grab. Lulu is so squishy that if she gets caught she’s almost sure to be dead and she has a hard time shielding an ally who’s been pulled to their death.
  • Soraka: Imagine getting hit with the same level of poke you’re dishing out, but then having all your poke healed back up. That is the hell of playing against Soraka. You can’t burst her down quick enough and her heals will be more useful than your shield, plus she has a silence.
  • Ashe: More hard engage with her ultimate. You can’t shield or buff up any allies if you’ve been stunned for a billion years.

Tips for playing Lulu

  • Avoid using Q – Glitterlance to hit enemies through a minion wave. The damage is reduced for each enemy hit beyond the first.
  • Remember that putting your shield from E – Help, Pix! on allies transfers your passive’s damage boost to their auto attacks. This is great to put on your ADC to win trades in lane, while also shielding them!
  • Remember your R – Wild Growth has a slow and knock-up on it, so it’s best to use it when the enemy is diving in.

Tips for playing against Lulu

  • In lane, play around her W – Whimsy, especially if she uses it defensively. Getting polymorphed can be the difference between winning a trade and losing it.
  • Lulu has no sustain in her kit so she’s very susceptible to any poke and heavy burst damage.
  • She has to expend her only CC ability to get extra mobility. If you can get on her, she has no way to defend herself
  • It may seem obvious, but if you’re a diver/assassin play around her ult. Try to bait it out onto herself or a less opportune target before engaging on your primary target.

Champion Difficulty: 4/10

Lulu has a fair bit of intricacy to her kit, considering two of her abilities can be used either aggressively or defensively. It’ll take a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to play around those abilities properly. However, her kit also has a lot of very forgiving aspects (her ult, her shield, her speed-up) and there’s really no bad items to build on her.

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