League of Legends Patch 9.12 tier list aggregation – jungle edition

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Olaf. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Additions


Although Olaf bounces into and out of our tier lists, it’s interesting to note that right before he last dropped out Olaf was in the F tier. Now, he’s back in our C tier, but he has the second-highest win rate of all junglers at 52.9%.

New subtractions


Another one of those champs that only appears in our tier lists briefly, and usually, in the low tiers, Twitch won’t be missed except by those one-tricks who will keep playing him anyway.

Rising Champions

Vi (A to A+ tier)

She’s consistently had a win rate in the top five (it’s 52.9% right now). That’s why it’s surprising that any site is giving her a C grade, but it is the case for at least one site (which is at least fewer than was the case in the previous patch).

Lee Sin (A to A+ tier)

Not much to say about Lee, he’s the most-picked jungler but has an unimpressive 48% win rate. However, more tier lists have upgraded his standing, including two rating him in their S tier.

Master Yi (C to A tier)

He got a nice bugfix and saw his win rate leap up to 49.9% from his low last patch of 47.8%. It seems Master Yi is back to being a pretty strong jungler in Patch 9.12.

Rek’Sai (B+ to A tier)

Her win rate isn’t really jumping up that much, but with the new Korean path that’s grown in popularity and the rise in the early-game ganks gives Rek’Sai a lot more viability. Still, she’s not really ranked significantly higher than she was last patch, she’s still on that borderline of A.

Kindred (B to B+ tier)

Her/their win rate has been solidly above 50% for a little while now, which seems to be enough to get them the respect they deserve. Kindred is rated B tier or higher by five sites we pulled data from.

Udyr (C to B+ tier)

Settle down now, because Udyr’s win rate just dropped below 50% for the first time in the last five patches. There is a large amount of disagreement as to where he should be ranked with sites rating him as high as S and as low as D tier. I don’t expect this sudden rise will be sustainable and he might be a B or C pick in coming patches.

Taliyah (C to B tier)

Taliyah’s actually had a decent win rate over the last three patches – around 52% – but it’s her pick rate that increased in Patch 9.12 – to 2.7% from around 2% last patch. She’s left off the rankings of two sites, but that was true in the last patch two. Overall, more sites just think she’s stronger now than she used to be.

Zac (D to C tier)

He got some follow-up buffs after his ult was reverted in 9.11 and as a result, his win rate jumped from 47.5% to 50.5%. That’s reason enough to move him up a tier.

Fiddlesticks (D to C tier)

It’s unclear why jungle Fiddlesticks rose in our tier list. His win rate improved in Patch 9.12, but by less than 0.5%.

Skarner (D to C tier)

Skarner got a healthy bump from Patch 9.11. His win rate also rose over 1% from the last patch, so it seems Captain Flowers should get a bit more excited. Not too much, though, since only two sites we audited rated him B or better.