League of Legends Patch 9.12 tier list aggregation – jungle edition

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Falling Champions

Elise (A+ to A tier)

She rose up last patch only to drop right back down. She’s definitely a strong jungler and her fourth-best win rate of 52.3% is nothing to sniff at. I’d still consider her a power pick for the role, despite her faltering a bit.

Nunu & Willump (A+ to A tier)

Nunu has the best win rate of all junglers, but strangely he had four sites rating him B or C tier in Patch 9.12. Previously, he was only put in the B tier by a single site.

Jarvan IV (A+ to A tier)

J4’s win rate actually did drop in Patch 9.12, to 48.5%. He does still have half the sites putting him in the S or A tier, but the rest have him in B or C, so he’s definitely still a viable pick.

Amumu (B+ to B tier)

The Mummy ate some nerfs in Patch 9.11 that seem to have finally had their impact. His win rate has remained stable, but right now every site but one has Amumu in their B tier or lower.

Rammus (A to B tier)

Rammus didn’t just drop in our tier list he plummeted. Right now, he’s just barely above being a C tier jungler. Over two patches (aka since his most recent nerfs), his win rate dropped from 52.5% to 48.9%. He’s definitely not “ok.”

Nidalee (B to C tier)

No big recent nerfs to her and she has a top-10 win rate above 51%. But that’s not enough for our source sites, most of whom rate her in the B to D tier range.

Jax (B to C tier)

Jax’s sub-50% win rate has remained stagnant throughout the past few patches, but he keeps flip-flopping the B/C border. With sites grading him between A and F, I don’t see that changing soon.

Trundle (C to D tier)

Another champion who I would expect to jump across the C/D boundary, regardless of how his win rate fluctuates. The Troll King, despite all the buffs earlier in the season, is still not a reliable jungle pick.

Aatrox (C to D tier)

My prediction that the nerfs to his passive healing early would cripple jungle Aatrox turned out to be spot on. Not only is he not graded above C by any site, his win rate dropped over 2% from 9.11 to Patch 9.12.

Buffed champions

Master Yi

It wasn’t technically a buff, but a bugfix. Still, the fact that stacks from his Passive – Double Strike were falling off earlier than intended certainly had a measurable effect. He rose all the way from C tier up to A tier for crying out loud!


The damage amp to his W – Unstable Matter definitely helped that early clear speed he was lacking and the buff to his R – Let’s Bounce! gave him some better initiation and sustain when he goes deep. Both of those buffs brought him out of the D tier and boosted his win rate to over 50%.

Nerfed champions


As I just said, the nerfs to his Passive – Deathbringer Stance not only reduced his early healing, but also his viability in the jungle. His 46.7% win rate is fourth-worst among all junglers.

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