League of Legends LCS summer power rankings – Week 3

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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OpTic Crown. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5. CLG (4-2)

CLG is another team that has a few glaring holes – of all the 4-2 teams they are the only ones with a negative gold spread and have the slowest average game length in wins. However, they managed to beat both Golden Guardians and Liquid, who are among the top three teams currently.

With games against Clutch, C9, and FlyQuest to end the first half of the Summer Split, CLG is poised to end the front nine games with a winning record. Considering the other top teams still have to beat up on each other, winning at least the two winnable games to get some separation is necessary.

4. OpTic (4-2)

OpTic may have lost twice last weekend, but they did so by losing to C9 and Team Liquid. As a result, despite their overall team statistics being pretty mediocre (they’re the only 4-2 to average a negative ratio of early objectives taken and only average a 38g lead at 15) their drop wasn’t too significant. They still have the lowest loss quality of any LCS team through six games.

3. Cloud9 (4-2)

C9, on the other hand, has the highest win quality of any team in the LCS having beaten Optic, Clutch, Echo Fox, and FlyQuest (basically they haven’t gotten the chance to pound on 100 Thieves). However, their stats aren’t incredibly eye-popping compared to the other two teams in the top three. In particular, they struggle to control objectives in the early game as well as Liquid and Golden Guardians.

2. Golden Guardians (4-2)

The Guardians are a very “feast-or-famine” team, evidenced by their massive gold percentage ratio compared to all teams other than Liquid, their quick time to victory, and their very low kills-to-deaths ratio. This is a team that can stomp games, but also lose them easily.

However, the Golden Guardians have probably had the easiest schedule to amass these stats so far. They finish out the split by playing Liquid, TSM, and OpTic, respectively.

The stats say they should be poised to go 2-1, but this team is only 1-1 against the other teams they are tied with (beating C9 and losing to CLG). How they fare down the front nine is anyone’s guess.

1. Team Liquid (4-2)

The Kings return to their throne. Liquid is the best team in NA and the stats bear that out. Highest kills-to-deaths ratio, highest gold percent ratio (by a massive margin), highest gold spread, over a 2,000g lead at 15, and a better ratio of objectives taken than any other team in the LCS.

If you want to nitpick and say that their vision control is lackluster, I get it. But it’s hard to dominate vision when you end games so much more quickly than every other team that has won more than one game. Liquid is the cream of the crop through Week 3 of LCS play.

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