League of Legends: LEC Power rankings Week 2

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5. SK Gaming (2-2)

Following their brilliant start to life in the LEC during the Spring Split, SK Gaming will want to go one further this time around and look set to do just that following an excellent first four games. Sacre has made an incredible start to his first split on the LEC stage, Selfmade is continuing to show why he was awarded the Rookie of the Split” award in Spring, Pirean remains a consistently strong member of the team, and the bottom lane is beginning to challenge the best in the league.

All in all, this SK roster have the beginnings of a very impressive team in their ranks but need to go one step further if they’re to establish themselves as a great European side. Whilst falling to Splyce in the first round of playoffs is nothing to be ashamed of in your debut LEC split, there needs to be some progress in Summer if this team are to challenge for a Worlds qualification place.

4. Misfits Gaming (2-2)

Misfits Gaming is the LEC’s best hope of breaking up the big three as they seem to have fixed a number of problems from the Spring Split. Most notably, they’ve signed a jungler that looks capable of taking over every game by the five-minute mark and guiding his team to victory.

In both victory against Excel Esports and their loss to Origen, Kirei impacted the map before ten minutes and built a gold lead for his team in an excellent debut weekend on Misfits Gaming. A much-deserved “Player of the Game” award following their first game of the week showed that not only does Maxlore have his work cut out if he’s to reclaim his position on the starting line-up, but Misfits Gaming might have a great chance of challenging the top three this Summer and potentially achieving Worlds qualification.

3. Origen (2-2)

Don’t let their win/loss ratio fool you, Origen are still one of the top teams in Europe. Losing 50% of your games is never a good sign, but when those two losses came from the current LEC leaders, G2 Esports and Fnatic, you can give Origen the benefit of the doubt. In fact, despite only winning two of four this split, Origen has looked superb in every game they’ve played so far.

So, does this mean Spring Split’s 2nd place team will win all of their next 5 games? Probably. They look far better than any “middle of the pack” team in the current standings, and a clear “top three” has formed this season.

All three sides will be vying to clinch Worlds qualification as soon as possible and avoid the dreaded regional qualifier that has a history of slip-ups from better teams. But Origen looks most likely to fall into Europe’s 3rd seed after their loss to Fnatic last weekend and will need to step up if they’re to mount a similar title challenge as in Spring.

2. Fnatic (4-0)

One of only two undefeated teams in the LEC, Fnatic, look set to challenge and contest G2 for the crown in Athens this Summer. During the mid-season break, the seven-time EU LCS champions clearly used their time productively to further develop their synergy from Spring and refine their play style.

It could be argued that victory against Spring Split runners-up Origen cemented Fnatic’s place as the second best team in Europe right now, particularly due to the manner of the win. Intelligent late-game shot calling and team fighting allowed Fnatic to close out the game with relative ease against a team known for their ability in the later stages.

Not only that, mid laner Nemesis secured his first “Player of the Game” award following a string of impressive performances so far this split. After being judged as one of Fnatic’s weak links throughout the spring, Nemesis has upped his game and is now performing at the same level as the likes of Caps, Febiven, and Nukeduck, establishing himself as one of the best mid laners in Europe.

1. G2 Esports (4-0)

Unsurprisingly G2 lead the pack once again following their performances in week two. Although the defending LEC champions are prone to shaky early games, they continue to amaze viewers with their ability to force skirmishes in the mid game and snowball a lead out of their opponents’ control.

While it may seem like G2 had a small wobble in their games against SK Gaming and Team Vitality last weekend, they’ll be the first to claim that they were always in complete control. And it’d be tough to argue against them; in their current form, G2 Esports could probably surmount a 20k gold deficit and we wouldn’t bat an eye. The only shock that can come from the MSI winning squad this split would be if they failed to reclaim their LEC trophy.

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Week 3 of the LEC starts on Friday, June 21st at 17:00 CEST. Catch “Ready Check” on the Riot Games Twitch channel from 16:30 CEST!