League of Legends: 10 things that we might see from the 10-year anniversary stream

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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What should League of Legends fans be excited for from Riot’s 10-year anniversary stream?

After the Worlds action concludes, Riot will kick off its celebration for 10 years of League of Legends with a live stream event to discuss the future of the game we all love. Some of what will be discussed has been confirmed by Riot themselves but there are plenty of other teasers and announcements that are either being rumored or would make sense based on some of Riot’s past statements. Even though rumors and conjecture do not equal fact, here are 10 things that Riot could talk about during the anniversary stream!

1. The League of Legends fighting game

I’ve heard and seen all the rumors on Twitter about new projects that are going to be announced, but incredibly I’ve seen very little chatter about the one new game we know Riot is working on. A fighting game ala Smash or Street Fighter, would give Riot a chance to not only expand their player pool but also give another way to build up the World of Runeterra. On the 10-year anniversary, it would make sense for Riot to really let us know how they’re going to put the “s” in “Riot Games.”

2. Preseason teasers

This one you should expect to see, as Riot has said that the 10-year anniversary will include some teasers about what to expect in the upcoming preseason. Among the goals Riot laid out just a few days ago were improved influence of top lane, changes to support itemization, and (yet another) jungle rework. If you’re interested to see where the future of League of Legends proper is heading, it’s a good idea to tune in!

3. League of Legends mobile

This one has not been confirmed, nor discussed, by Riot officially but it seems a likely candidate. Videos of the mobile version were leaked back in August and those rumors have gotten some new fire following a report that registration links for the mobile game that went live briefly in Brazil and China. It seems quite likely that Riot will announce this new mobile version of League of Legends, likely so that they can start testing and maybe get it running for Season 10!