League of Legends: Patch 9.21 support tier list aggregation

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Shaco, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Additions


New subtractions

Miss Fortune

Rising Champions

Nami (A ⇒ A+ tier)
Shaco (D ⇒ A tier)
Lulu (B ⇒ B+ tier)
Swain (C ⇒ B tier)

Falling Champions

Pyke (S ⇒ A+ tier)
Bard (A+ ⇒ A tier)
Fiddlesticks (B+ ⇒ B tier)
Zyra (B+ ⇒ B tier)
Lux (B ⇒ C tier)
Alistar (C ⇒ D tier)
Yuumi (C ⇒ D tier)


  • Shaco had the biggest jump in our tier list by far among supports. After joining the support meta just last patch, he’s in the A tier with a 52.8% win rate and 1.9% pick rate. Strangely, though, both of those are down from the last patch.
  • We’ve seen quite a few Catcher supports like Bard, Zyra, and Lux drop in Patch 9.21, but there’s no obvious reason why they are faring slightly worse in this patch. None of their win rates actually dipped significantly in this patch, so it’s likely just a coincidence.
  • Heavy engage supports, though, are faring quite well in this meta. Leona currently has the best win rate among supports, followed by Blitzcrank and Nautilus.
  • Yuumi currently has the lowest win rate out of any support, with a 41.8% win rate and a 5.2% pick rate. If you’re playing her right now, I’d recommend stopping before you lose all your LP unless you’re having tons of success with the Magical Cat.

Buffed champions


She got a nice buff to the base health and damage on her E – Help, Pix! which greatly benefited her mid game, as Riot hoped. Lulu‘s win rate is up, slightly from the last patch, but it’s also been improving steadily since Patch 9.19. She currently has a 49.8% win rate in Patch 9.21.

Nerfed champions


As other engage supports are thriving in the support role, Pyke’s win rate has fallen off a cliff in Patch 9.21. His win rate dropped by over 3% in one patch following the nerfs to his base health growth and the healing on his Passive – Gift of the Drowned Ones. Although he’s still in the A tier, you’re probably better off going with another support over Pyke.

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Riot elected to nerf Shaco given how powerful he was out of the box in 9.20 after the sizeable buffs. They nerfed the box duration on his W – Jack In The Box by 20 seconds, which is quite sizeable. As we noted above, Shaco is performing far better in our tier list in Patch 9.21 but his win rate was hit by those nerfs.