League of Legends: Patch 9.21 top lane tier list aggregation

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Additions


New subtractions


Rising Champions

Pantheon (A ⇒ S tier)
Fiora (A ⇒ A+ tier)
Teemo (B+ ⇒ A tier)
Tryndamere (B ⇒ B+ tier)
Ornn (C ⇒ B tier)
Heimerdinger (D ⇒ C tier)
Vayne (D ⇒ C tier)
Rengar (D ⇒ C tier)
Maokai (F ⇒ D tier)

Falling Champions

Illaoi (A ⇒ B+ tier)
Aatrox (B ⇒ C tier)


  • Kayle is our top-rated top laner for pretty obvious reasons. She currently has the best win rate (53.2%) and highest pick rate (13.5%) in the role. However, there is not a high amount of consensus as to her position, with a few sites rating her in their C tier.
  • Neeko has been a meta top laner for just about all of season. This is the first patch since 9.6 that she will not be featured in the top lane tier list.
  • A lot of the improved champions in Patch 9.21 didn’t have significant win rate changes, but one who did is Tryndamere. In addition to him rising to B+ tier, his win rate went up by over 1.3%.
  • While Rengar only got a modest improvement to his win rate in Patch 9.21 (about 0.5%), it’s been on the rise for the last few patches. He’s gone up by 1.1% in the last two patches, bringing him into the C grade on our tier list.
  • Maokai will get further discussion in the next section, but I want to point out that his seemingly modest 1.3% win rate improvement in Patch 9.21 is coming with a massive 1.3% win rate improvement. He went from one of the least-picked tops to solidly in the middle of the pack and his win rate improved as well.
  • As noted above, Kayle is the winningest champion pick in the top lane. The champion with the lowest win rate in the role is Sylas, who you may remember had the lowest win rate among junglers in Patch 9.21 as well.

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Buffed champions


We noted above that his win rate and pick rate both went up following the buffs to his W – Twisted Advance and R – Nature’s Grasp. With a top-five win rate in top, I would expect he’ll rise further than his current D tier in the next patch or two.

Nerfed champions


Who would have thought that Garen was needing nerfs due to him stomping high elo, but even after the nerfs to his E – Judgment‘s damage and damage ratio he still has a top-five pick rate in Platinum and above. However, his win rate is down from last patch (49.8% from 53.2%) so there is the possibility for a rebound drop soon.