League of Legends TFT: Patch 9.22 unit tier list aggregation

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Based on this tier list, we have also taken the average ranking of each champion within every Class and Element in TFT, which will give our aggregated ranking so you know which synergies are best. One thing to note is that these rankings are purely based on the average champion strength within that group, not the strength of the buff the synergy provides. We are assuming for purposes of this tier list that champions are ranked based on not only cost and statistics, but whether they can be part of a powerful synergy.

Element ranking

  1. Shadow
  2. Desert
  3. Poison
  4. Inferno
  5. Steel
  6. Crystal
  7. Ocean
  8. Mountain
  9. Light
  10. Cloud
  11. Electric
  12. Glacial
  13. Woodland

Class ranking

  1. Mystic
  2. Summoner
  3. Assassin
  4. Ranger
  5. Blademaster
  6. Berserker
  7. Warden
  8. Mage
  9. Druid

Best compositions

In accordance with our rankings, we’ll now be introducing a new list of recommended team compositions based on our Class and Element rankings, along with the units you should buy in each one, as well as the best iterations to pair those comps with. We will put an asterisk next to the units that should be the main focus of these comps, to get to 2 or 3-stars and put items on. Note that when we recommend specific units of a Class/Element but omit others for your pairings, we are saying these are the options we would consider to be above average or worthwhile additions to your comp.

  • Summoners – Zyra, Malzahar, Azir (*), Zed (*)
    • Pair with Shadow by adding Master Yi (Malzahar + Master Yi)
      • You can also add Kindred and Sion for a full Shadow comp
    • Pair with Desert by adding Sivir or Kha’Zix (Azir + Sivir/Kha’Zix)
    • Pair with Inferno by adding Kindred and Brand or Diana (Zyra + Annie + Kindred + Brand/Diana)
  • Assassins – Qiyana, Kha’Zix (*), Zed (*)
    • Pair with Desert by adding Sivir or Azir (Kha’Zix + Sivir/Azir)
    • Pair with Summoners by adding Malzahar and Azir (Zed + Malzahar + Azir)
    • Pair with one of the Elemental buffs depending on the board (to sync with Qiyana)
  • Ranger – Vayne, Twitch, Kindred (*), Ashe (*)
    • Pair with Light by adding Jax/Aatrox/Yorick (Vayne + Jax/Aatrox/Yorick)
    • Pair with Shadow by adding Master Yi (Kindred + Master Yi)
    • Pair with Poison by adding Singed and Kog’Maw/Mundo (Twitch + Singed + Kog’Maw/Mundo)
  • Berserker

    – Jax, Sion (*), Olaf

  • Pair with Shadow by adding Master Yi (Sion + Master Yi)
  • Pair with Poison by adding Singed and Twitch, swapping Dr. Mundo for Jax (Mundo + Singed + Twitch)
  • Pair with


    by just building Olaf + Volibear.

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    Concluding notes

    While there’s not much more these aggregations can tell us with certainty with regards to comps or items, here is what our data can tell you about what to look for within your next Teamfight Tactics game.

      • Although I didn’t mention Mystics at all during this breakdown, know that you can almost always add them on to any of the above-mentioned comps, kind of like you could with Dragon in Set 1. Of course, be looking to capitalize any time you have a Master Yi in your comp.
      • There aren’t a lot of stereotypical “front line/back line” divisions in terms of the synergies. However, traits that can give defensive stats (Mystic), shielding (Mountain), or some invulnerability (Steel) seem strong off the bat.
      • Master Yi appears poised to be the Draven of Set 2, just based on how flexible and durable he is as a hypercarry. Lux could certainly challenge him for this title, though.
      • Mages and Druids are quite weak at the moment. Instead, there are a lot of auto-attacking synergies in power, which could also explain why Desert Element is so strong.
      • Shadow is the best “default” trait to build in TFT Set 2. With so many strong units (Yi, Kindred, Sion, etc.) there’s almost no comp that it won’t fit into.