League of Legends: Patch 9.23 will bring HUGE changes to runes

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Presence of Mind

This rune has often been overlooked, but now it will restore 20% of your maximum mana/energy after takedowns (kills or assists) and increases your max mana/energy. However, the reduced cooldown to your ultimate has been removed.

Who this helps: Mana-hungry mages who are going into the Precision tree for whatever reason. I think this could also be great on Jayce, who loves going into the Precision tree and also has some mana problems with his current lethality build.

Who this hurts: Champions that took the rune to lower their long ult cooldowns. That said, I don’t see many people who were taking it over Triumph in that same rune slot.

Who might start taking it: Jayce, like I said, would be a prime candidate. I wonder if there’s a case that champions like Ryze and Cassiopeia who want to stack mana would be interested in this as well. I mean, at 10 takedowns they’ll get 1,000 bonus mana.

Nimbus Cloak

This was a pretty niche rune that was largely crowded out by being in the same slot as Manaflow Band and Nullifying Orb and I don’t think these changes are going to make it any more popular. Now, it allows champions to have a movement speed increase and they ghost through units after using your Summoner Spell.

Obviously, the big question is going to be how this interacts with Smite, but I understand the reasoning since you’re usually using your Summoner Spells to either escape death or close down a kill. You will also get more movement speed if you just used a Summoner Spell with a longer cooldown like Flash. That said, Summoner Spells have a longer cooldown than your ultimate (which used to proc Nimbus Cloak) so effectively you’ll have it less often.

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Who this helps: Honestly, it’s unclear. Maybe it’s good for people who want to snowball the early game since this can help secure kills. Maybe it’ll be good on junglers for a bit of extra gank assist if it works off smite.

Who this hurts: Champions who loved to proc it when they spammed their ultimate or used their ultimate in all-ins (like Nasus, for example). That said, again, I don’t think this rune was taken often if ever.

Who might start taking it: I don’t think anyone is going to be taking this rune unless it’s insanely busted.