League of Legends TFT: Patch 9.24 brings three new units

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Senna, League of Legends.
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Patch 9.24 won’t just bring big changes to League of Legends, it’ll also introduce new champions to TFT!

Ranked Teamfight Tactics has been out for a few weeks and just as all the good Tacticians are finishing their placements, Riot has to drop another bomb on the meta. Yes, Riot announced today that League of Legends Patch 9.24 will introduce three new units – Amumu, Senna, and Lucian – to the Arena and give us a brand new Class – Soulbound. Here’s what all of that means!


The newest class to come to TFT is Soulbound and it will include two of the new champions – Lucian and Senna – to start. It’s a two-unit synergy that will function similar to Woodland.

When Lucian and Senna are on the board together, the first one of them to die will enter the Spirit Realm, where they will be untargetable but continue attacking until the other Soulbound unit dies. Essentially, they’ll live on to fight as long as their lover continues to live.

To me, this class will only be as good as the units in it (and how strong you’ve built them up). If you have a stacked Senna or Lucian, then yeah it’ll be great having them alive for a bit longer. However, the fact that they’re both very squishy could mean that whoever dies first might not stick around for too long.


Senna will be joining the TFT ranks as a Soulbound unit, but her Element will be Shadow. She’ll be a 2g unit, meaning you’ll potentially be able to stack her to 3-star.

Her ability, Piercing Darkness, fires a beam through her furthest ally, dealing damage to enemies she hits and buffing allies’ on-hit attacks for five seconds. So she functions very much as a back-line carry who will want plenty of damage (AD or magic) and attack speed.

Senna sounds like she will be a very strong champion based on her ability. In addition, having the Shadow synergy, which is one of the strongest in TFT, will make her incredibly powerful.


Returning from Set 1 (though very much in a different state), Lucian will be a Light/Soulbound and will be a 4g unit in TFT Set 2. Whereas before he dashed around when his ability was active, now Lucian will use The Culling to fire at four times his normal attack speed for four seconds in one direction. This makes him a very deadly DPS machine who will certainly want plenty of damage stats and on-hit stats like Red Buff, as The Culling does apply on-hits.

Any ranged carry who can apply on-hit affects with their ult is going to be strong in TFT and Lucian could absolutely be a unit to build around in Patch 9.24. His Light synergy, I think, could be a blessing. Even though Light isn’t strong now, I think it could become a strong synergy with the right buffs or meta changes.


Not a Soulbound, but still definitely worth mentioning, Amumu will also be joining the TFT ranks in Patch 9.24 as a 5g unit! He’ll be an Inferno/Warden for synergies and his ult will be his famous Curse of the Sad Mummy.

On activation, Amumu deals magic damage to enemies within 2/3/4 Hexes and stunning them. While it’s probably unlikely to get him to 3-stars, even stunning and damaging units two Hexes away is huge. Plus, with his Warden synergy he’ll be extremely tacky, while leaving plenty of DPS behind thanks to the Inferno Element.