League of Legends Champion profile: Evelynn, the Agony’s Embrace

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Strength at each game stage

Evelynn is weaker pre level 6 and prone to invades without her stealth. Be careful with trying to clear and try to get a leash if possible. Hit level 6 as fast as you can looking to gain your stealth ability. Clear camps with care and avid looking to solo objectives if you aren’t level 6.

Level 6 is a major power spike with her ultimate and passive stealth. Get to this point even, or ahead and you can do some major damage. Get too far behind and you’re not going to be very useful. Getting her first jungle item, Runic Echoes is also a power spike for Evelynn.

Pick off key targets and secure kills if ahead. Also, you can use her ultimate and stealth to run around the map and secure objectives to lead into the late game. If behind you’re pretty much a walking ward.

How to Play Evelynn

Matchups Evelynn players love

Qiyana is the champion Evelynn has the best win rate against at the moment at 60%. While Qiyana does have a root and some stealth they are dependent on having the element from the W ability active to use them.

Her W empowered Q is also a skill shot so if it misses she is left without an element to power up her basic attacks, or the stealth to fun away. Evelynn having more reliable stealth and the post six healing while in stealth definitely helps against Qiyana.

Gragas does have some crowd control and area of effect damage and some times can be built as a tank, which you think would be an issue for Evelynn, but that isn’t the case. She has a 53% win rate against him, which is her third-best against all champions. His CC and AoE from barrels are easily dodged and it usually takes a couple of tank items to get super bulky if they even build as a tank.

With stealth and Magic Resist shred plus the ultimate execute I don’t think Evelynn can’t end the party early for Gragas.

Nidalee seems very close to Evelynn in play style since they both are AP assassin junglers. Nidalee does have traps, a heal and a lot of damage. Yet she is also pretty squishy and requires you to jump from form to form for the best possible damage. I think if Evelynn has an advantage because of her stealth and also being able to use her r to escape and execute.

Matchups Evelynn players hate

Nunu and Willump
The boy and his yeti are out to cause some problems for Evelynn. The pair is a tank with multiple forms of cc in his W giant snowball and his E little snowballs. If an assassin is CC’d it could often mean they can’t get to priority targets at best, or at worst they die because the crowd control allows time to hit them for free.

With little in the way of sustained healing in battle, Evelynn is probably dead after a strong set of CC and a couple of hits. Nunu also has sustain in his kit from his Q, which should be useful against the burst damage of Evelynn. Then finishing off sense Nunu is a tank he often builds magic resist items to help block out all of her abilities that all scale with AP.

Dr. Mundo
Mundo is very much like Nunu. He is known to be able to take hits like a champ, especially from AP threats. His E gives him magic resist when he is dealt magic damage or pays a health cost. Which is what every ability in Mundo’s kit is. He can easily stack resistance to her burst damage and be no worse for the wear.

He also has a lot of health thanks to items he typically builds like Sunfire Cape and Warmog’s Armor. To cause even more problems he can also build a spirit visage for even more Magic Resistance.

Volibear fits the bill of the other two champions mentioned above. He has a couple forms of CC in his kit with a flip on his Q, as well as the slow and knockback on his e. His Passive also allows for rapid healing when he gets low. Volibear is also built more on the tank side with items like Warmog’s and Spirit Visage to give Health and Magic Resist to best take out Evelynn.