League of Legends: 50 champions everyone hates to play against

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Little Devil Teemo. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

41. Teemo

If you play this guy, you’re going to hell. He’s essentially useless, he can’t really do anything in team fights or even split pushes. His only goal in life is to make the enemy team so angry that they quit the game and contemplate becoming Amish. And he usually succeeds.

42. Vayne

All the toxicity of a Yasuo player with the ability to melt enemies in the lane game like a Jax player. She’s the Shaco of the AD Carry role. Every time she’s on the enemy team, she’s guaranteed to 1v5 and pop off for a Penta.

43. Sylas

Did you like how overloaded Camille’s kit was? Well, this guy has a bunch of dashes, CC, healing, and his ultimate is all the ultimates!

44. Vladimir

Why, why in the name of all things holy does this champion exist? He gets to heal any damage you can possibly deal, has an AoE damage amplifying ult, and if anyone ever threatens to kill him he can just go into his pool and avoid all the problems in his life. I mean he’s one dash away from being Fizz.

45. Akali

How long does that shroud last for? How are you able to dash back into it? And how did you kill me with two freaking spells?

46. Irelia

*In the tune of “Old MacDonald”* Dashing lady killed me now, wasn’t that so fun? With a dash dash here, and a dash dash there. Here a dash, there a dash, everywhere a billion dashes and now she ults to kill me again. Fair champ.

47. Xayah

Because a glass cannon carry who has CC and also scales like a monster should also be able to co untargetable. That makes sense.

48. Aatrox

The only good thing I can say about facing Aatrox (for now) is at least he doesn’t have that goddamn resurrection in his kit anymore. Still doesn’t make up for the fact that I have to play the “dodge a knockup every two seconds to survive lane” game, which I hate.

49. Riven

Her dash is always up, she has a shield, she has a stun, and she has an AoE ult that can execute, which all sounds like a fine and balanced champion. Look, Riven players are mechanical monsters, to be sure, but in every Riven montage there is at least five moments that make you throw up your hands and go “oh come on how the hell did she live there??”

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50. Yasuo

It’s not just his billion dashes, which allow him to close distance and hit you before dashing out, or his ranged knockup that he has every five seconds that makes Yasuo so anti-fun to face. It’s not his Windwall and passive shield blocking any form of harass to whittle him down either. It’s the fact that he can go 0/8/0 but because he built one crit item and his team hit one knockup I’m now dead.

And now I get to hear him go on in all chat about how much better he is than me, the “no skill Garen player.” Because all Yasuo players are tools.