League of Legends: Ranking the 10 LCS logos in 2020

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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#5 – Golden Guardians 

This rebranding by the Golden Guardians is probably the best idea they have had since entering the LCS. The logo looks a bit more video game-related but it looks so amazing that I can overlook it.

Their logo is simple and slick and also combines the best parts of their organization. The stylistic elements taken from their previous photo mixed with a new smaller and sleek design will probably end up boosting their merchandise sales. This logo is much more wearable than before and also looks amazing with the black and gold coloring.

Overall, this logo was a magnificent idea and earns a B+.

#6 – 100 Thieves

The 100 Thieves logo is probably the hardest one for me personally to rank. I range from loving it to thinking its fairly bland. There are two versions of it but for this purpose, we will use the full 100 Thieves name logo instead of the 100T version.

It seems to mix well with their branding which gives them extra points but it does not feel very creative. The multiple color schemes work well with many types of clothing, and they have some amazing options there. The spray can paint look does make it more wearable than some and actually might even make it more popular in mainstream media but overall to me it just lacks some creativity.

All things considered, they receive a B- in my ranking.

#7 – Immortals 

Their return to the LCS was met with more than just cheers, but also a bit of confusion. A small redesign on their logo to look a bit less cluttered and also slicker was probably not as well-received as they had hoped. Some fans complained, saying their 2016 logo was better but in my opinion, this was a great idea.

Their logo still verges on having a very videogame oriented look but it is now more possible to market it as something cool and refined, like an old Roman gladiators helmet. It might not be what appeals to the general consensus of the League of Legends crowd but it will most likely end up having a broader market appeal and go much better with clothing designs.

The redesign was also nothing too big and overall keeps the branding intact. The Immortals’ logo earns a B- on my list.

#8 – Evil Geniuses

If there was ever a more controversial announcement for a rebranding please point me in their direction. Some rebrandings have been loved and others have been flat out hated but Evil Geniuses seems to be right smack in the middle. I am on the side of thinking that their old logo, while nice and nostalgic, was nothing too exciting. Their new logo is really just more of the same.

The main complaint I have seen is one I actually agree with, it looks like the Epic Games logo. This is not a diss on Epic Games, it fits with their style. But this just looks too similar and fairly bland. The logo is not bad but it really is nothing to get excited about and that gives it a C.

#9 – FlyQuest

When FlyQuest came into the LCS their logo was interesting but nothing too special. After their redesign in late 2017, it only became even blander.

The FlyQuest logo is a simple F overlapping a Q, I am not sure why they decided to change it to something so simple but it really doesn’t work for me. I am a fan of simplicity when it feels elaborate but this just looks sort of boring.

I have also heard it be compared to the Subway logo, very likely due to the colors, and I think that might also be jading my outlook. Overall, this logo is disappointing and is given a D+.

#10 – Dignitas 

At the end of 2018, Dignitas announced a re-branding effort. Why? It will probably remain one of the biggest esports mysteries of all time.

Dignitas’ old logo was slick, beloved and just looked nice. Their new owl logo just doesn’t live up to the potential. It only raises questions and says nothing. Why an owl? Perhaps both logos don’t really relate to the name at all but that doesn’t excuse the strange choice. On the plus side it is probably more mainstream marketable than the older logo but the name Dignitas does not really some like something that will catch on in that regard in the same way that 100 Thieves will.

For all of these reasons and more, the Dignitas logo earns a D.

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Do you agree with this ranking? What’s your favorite League of Legends esports logo of all time? Let us know in the comments!