TFT: Riot teases Teamfight Tactics mobile may be available before May 31

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
Riot Games
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On Sunday, one of the Riot TFT developers gave a big piece of information regarding the release date of Teamfight Tactics for mobile.

Ever since Teamfight Tactics graced the League of Legends client, there has been a belief that this would become the inevitable first foray into the mobile landscape for Riot. With the announcement of mobile TFT at the League 10-year celebration, that dream became a reality, but early 2020 was still just a vague promise. Now we have more concrete details.

On Sunday night, during one of his streams, Rioter and Teamfight Tactics game designer Riot Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer gave more details regarding the release date of mobile TFT. Although he did not give an exact release date for the highly-anticipated port, Mortdog did confirm that the game would go live “before May 31” of next year.

That’s huge news for the swaths of Teamfight Tactics fanatics who have been itching to play the game on mobile. It would also potentially give Riot the opportunity to work out the kinks in their mobile coding before their own League of Legends mobile port – the Wild Rift – becomes available later that year.

Obviously, with this announcement, it’s safe to assume that the release will come closer to the end of May than the beginning of January. Still, this must make TFT players breathe a bit easier that one of the heads of Riot’s game design for Teamfight Tactics felt confident giving at least an outside range for the release.

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With development still (for now) seeming to be on pace for a late-spring release, that could mean that mobile TFT could coincide with the release of Teamfight Tactics Set 3. Remember, TFT’s Set 1 ran from the release of the game mode in June 2018 through November, so about five months. If we follow that same timeline, TFT’s Set 3 should be released around April or May. So maybe we should be getting ready to see the next TFT set on a smaller screen!