League of Legends: 50 Tips to Help You Climb Ranked in Season 10

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League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Getting carried

16. If you’re in a losing lane, it’s worth it to sacrifice CS to avoid dying.

If you get put into a losing lane, or you just misplay and fall behind, you need to accept that you are going to get bullied off of CS. That’s fine, it’s an inevitability. You need to be able to lose lane gracefully and part of that is accepting that you’re not in a position to walk up to get CS like you normally would.

Instead, you’ll have to use your long-range spells to CS so that you can keep yourself in a safe position. The key goal in these spots is to make sure that you stay safe. Don’t get ganked, don’t overextend when you think the enemy is gone, and above all else don’t die.

17. Keep your opponent in front of you.

This might sound a bit counter-intuitive, but any time you are feeding in lane, your goal needs to be to extend the laning phase as long as possible. Yes, this means that the enemy laner gets to keep preying on you and probably killing you for some more easy gold, but the biggest key is that he’s killing you not your teammates who might actually be doing well.

The biggest factor in keeping your opponent in front of you is to, above all else, defend your tower. You can’t kill your enemy laner, but your tower can so force him to dive you and tank a ton of turret shots to do so. At the very least, you can get the shutdown or your jungler can swoop in to clean up the kill if they’re very low.

18. Take short-cuts in your build.

When you’re ahead, you have all the money in the world to spend on your champion’s key items. When you’re behind, however, you’re going to have significantly less money. In that case, cheap, efficient items are the way to go.

Sorry, but if you’re 0/4 as Jax you’re probably not going to be able to get that Trinity Force by 20 minutes. Rather than sitting on those uncompleted components, you’re better off skipping the Tri Force for Ninja Tabis, a Glacial Shroud, or Hexdrinker, just so you can have the ability to be useful later.

If you’re a mage that’s behind, get that Seeker’s Armguard to have a little extra survivability against that Zed. If you’re an ADC, maybe get that early QSS or Vamp Scepter to stay alive a bit longer. Every champ has core defensive items they want to buy, when you’re behind you probably should be looking at getting those early.

19. Follow, don’t lead.

Unfortunately, if you have fallen behind significantly far in your lane, you need to put trust in your teammates to carry you. That means you don’t get to shot call or demand resources. Instead, you need to be following your teammates to protect them and also to take advantage of their power in fights. They are the great white shark and you are the remora, stuck to their underbelly scavenging whatever leftover gold they don’t scoop up from kills in fights.

20. Just because you’re behind, that doesn’t mean you’re useless.

Despite the proceeding tips making it seem like your situation is hopeless, just because you fed in lane doesn’t mean you will be useless. I’ve seen countless times players go from 0/7 to 7/7 just by doing their job in team fights, farming up and hitting their power spike, or just getting lucky. The most important thing to remember when you fall behind is that you can still win, so don’t give up.