League of Legends: 50 Tips to Help You Climb Ranked in Season 10

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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A few miscellaneous tips

36. Leave teammates to die.

I know it sucks, and this kind of runs counter to Tip #35, but sometimes your teammates are going to just make a bad decision and die. They’ll get caught, they’ll face check a bush, they won’t see that roaming Talon hopping over walls and wards towards them. Don’t put yourself in a position to possibly die just to save them.

If a team fight is going badly and half your teammates are dead by the time you even get close, don’t try to be a hero and save whoever is left. Staying alive and not giving over more of that gold is infinitely better than waddling in one-by-one.

37. Back after Baron.

I discussed this in my guide to playing around Baron, but I’ll repeat it again: after Baron, recall, spend your gold, and push lanes with the Baron buff. Don’t try to be a hero and take a team fight after you just secured Baron (and probably had it drop a ton of damage onto you). Getting Baron and then getting aced is not just wasting Baron, but wasting a massive opportunity.

38. Forget CS, focus on GPM.

I see all the time in threads on r/Summonerschool asking “how much CS should I have at 10 minutes” or “is 7 CS/min good.” The truth is that CS numbers really don’t matter too much.

Yes, CSing is important in the early game and yes you should be trying to get as close to perfect CS as you can, but focusing on CS isn’t the point. Your focus should not be on getting CS, but on getting gold. Yes, CS gives you gold and it’s the most reliable way to get it, but you can also get it through kills, assists, turrets, turret plates, jungle camps, dragons, and other passives like that. Instead of focusing so much on how much CS you had at a certain point in the game, look at how much gold you had and ask what you could have done to earn more.

39. Don’t forget Grievous Wounds.

Any time you’re facing a Soraka, a Fiora, a Senna, a Sona, or a Warwick, make sure you get one of those cheap items like Bramble Vest, Executioners, or Morellos to cut their healing with Grievous Wounds. That small gold investment (other than Morellonomicon because mages get screwed) will be worth it. Also, use ignite in this way, to cut healing during a fight and do more damage rather than to just secure a kill.

40. Recall after killing a ward.

Did you know that after you kill a ward, be it control or stealth, that vision will linger on you for another few seconds? An easy trick to juke the enemy team is to recall and let it channel for a second or two before moving off the ward. That way, the enemy will think that you’re backing and they won’t see which direction you’re heading towards next.