League of Legends: Six Stats that Show Whether You Carried or Not

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Jayce. League of Legends
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5. Grade

You know that grade you get at the end of the game in the post-game lobby? Well, it turns out that, despite the fact that we don’t know how Riot calculates this grade, it actually has the highest correlation between wins and losses. There is a 96.9% correlation between the champions you get higher grades on and the champions you have better win rates on. That’s pretty insane!

However, when looking at the grades you need to understand that this isn’t like the test you’re bringing home to mom and dad. Bs and Cs might not get you in trouble at home, but they spell trouble if you’re getting them from Riot. In fact, any game where you don’t have an A is probably not going to end up being a good one. Here’s how your grades affect your score.

C or worse = -3
C+ = -2
B or B- = -1
A- or B+ = +0
A or A+ = +1
S- = +2
S or better = +3

6. Your “carry” score

If you go to U.GG and look in your match history, they will give you a “carry score” which measures “how much of your teams gold advantage that you’ve created versus your direct lane opponent” to “reveal who is winning or losing the most during the game.” Now, this goes beyond just your individual gold differential at a point in the game but serves to show how much of the team’s gold lead or deficit you create during the game.

Impressively, this “carry” score has a 90.9% correlation to game success (again, like gold differential, it’s all about how good or bad the carry score is compared to performance). This is one of those few times that an external site actually a pretty solid indicator of how you did in a game. So here’s how it would impact the overall score:

-30 or worse = -3
-29 to 10 = -2
11 to 50 = -1
51 to 129 = +0
130 to 169 = +1
170 to 209 = +2
210 or better = +3


So now you have your total across all six of the relevant stats. Based on how you added or subtracted, you should end up with a score somewhere between +18 and -18, which we can now use to evaluate how well or poorly you did in a given game. You may have instances where some areas are positive and others negative. Try to keep track of how these go overall, so you can find areas to improve!

If your score was 16 or higher, you carried! Congrats, this means that you played extremely well and are a main reason why your team succeeded. Don’t get too big an ego, though, because this does not mean that the rest of your team is bad and you dragged them to an undeserved win. It just means that you were extremely efficient in this game and probably have very few lessons that can be gleaned by examining it further.

if your score was between 15 and 6, you were above average! That’s great, and it means you played very solidly in this game. There were probably one or two areas that you didn’t do quite as well on as possible (like falling behind in lane, dying too much, or not getting your GPM up enough) but overall you contributed positively to the game, win or lose.

If your score was between 5 and -5, you were neutral. You didn’t play badly, but you weren’t exceptional either. If your team lost, it’s probably not all your fault and if your team won it’s probably on the back of better players. There are still positives to take away from this game, but definitely things you can work on.

If your score was between -6 and -15, you were below average. Unfortunately, if your team lost that means you were probably a big reason why and if your team won it was in spite of you. The good news is that you didn’t play terribly, but the bad news is that there are a lot of things you could have done better.

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Finally, if your score was -16 or worse, you fed. Sorry, but there’s no two ways about it. You stunk in this game and if your team lost you probably helped cause it. That doesn’t mean you deserve to be flamed or cost your team the win, because other players on your team could have played badly, but you need to put the blame for this game entirely on yourself and look to improve.