TFT Patch 10.1 Tier List: Lunars get Eclipsed by the Bright Lights

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Based on this tier list, we have also taken the average ranking of each champion within every Class and Origin in TFT, which will give our aggregated ranking so you know which synergies are best in Patch 10.1. One thing to note is that these rankings are purely based on the average champion strength within that group, not the strength of the buff the synergy provides. We are assuming for purposes of this tier list that champions are ranked based on not only cost and statistics, but whether they can be part of a powerful synergy.

Origin ranking (change from last Patch)

      1. Inferno (+5)
      2. Ocean (+1)
      3. Desert (+2)
      4. Cloud (+6)
      5. Poison (-3)
      6. Crystal (-5)
      7. Mountain (-3)
      8. Shadow (-1)
      9. Electric (-1)
      10. Light (+1)
      11. Steel (-2)
      12. Lunar (NR)
      13. Glacial (-1)
      14. Woodland (-1)

Class ranking

      1. Mystic (-1)
      2. Assassin (-1)
      3. Warden (-1)
      4. Summoner (+3)
      5. Blademaster (-1)
      6. Mage (+1)
      7. Ranger (-1)
      8. Soulbound (+1)
      9. Berserker (-)
      10. Predator (-)
      11. Druid (-)

Best compositions

In accordance with our rankings of the best champions, Classes and Origins, we now give you a guide for the best comps in Patch 10.1, along with the units you should buy in each one, as well as the best supplemental synergies to pair those comps with. We will put an asterisk next to the units that should be the main focus of these comps, to get to 2 or 3-stars and put items on. Note that when we recommend specific units of a Class/Element but omit others for your pairings, we are saying these are the options we would consider to be above average or worthwhile additions to your comp.

  • Blender Comp: Nocturne (*), Zed, Kha’Zix, Sivir, Master Yi (*)
    • Can swap Yasuo for Sivir or swap Qiyana for either Zed or Kha’Zix (if Qiyana is at least 2-star)
    • Key items: Blade of the Ruined King (Nocturne), Guinsoo’s Rageblade (Nocturne/Master Yi), Infinity Edge (Nocturne/Zed/Kha’Zix), Bloodthirster (Nocturne/Master Yi), Hush (Nocturne/Sivir), Sword Breaker (Nocturne/Sivir)
  • Inferno/Summoner: Annie (*), Yorick, Zed, Brand (*), Amumu (*)
    • Can add Zyra or add Kindred. You can also add full Inferno with these two plus Diana.
    • Can swap Azir for Zed/Yorick or swap Zyra for Annie (only would advise if Zyra is 3-stars and/or you cannot get Annie to 2-stars).
    • Key items: Morellonomicon (Annie, Brand, Amumu), Infinity Edge (Zed), Seraph’s Embrace (Annie, Brand), Guardian Angel (Zed)
  • Poison/Berserkers: Renekton, Jax, Volibear, Dr. Mundo (*), Sion, Twitch, Olaf (*), Singed
    • Can swap Kog’Maw for Twitch (good if you want to transition from Predators)
    • Key items: Locket of the Iron Solari (Dr. Mundo), Zeke’s Herald (Dr. Mundo), Hush (Olaf), Rapidfire Cannon (Olaf), Infinity Edge (Olaf)
  • Light/Soulbound/Lunar: Leona, Nasus, Senna (*), Aatrox, Karma, Soraka, Lucian (*), Yorick
    • This comp is contingent on you getting a Talisman of Light so that you can convert Senna to a Light and you sacrifice your Lucian to die and get buffed up on the front line.
    • Can swap Nasus for Jax, Aatrox for Vayne.
    • Key items: Talisman of Light (Senna), Guardian Angel (Senna),
  • Blademaster/Lunar: Leona, Yasuo, Azir (*), Karma, Sivir (*), Aatrox, Janna, Master Yi (*)
    • This is a fairly inflexible comp so you can’t really swap any of these pieces out.
    • Key items: Blade of the Ruined King (Azir), Sword Breaker (Sivir), Hush (Sivir)

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Concluding notes

While there’s not much more these aggregations can tell us with certainty with regards to comps or items, here is what our data can tell you about what to look for within your next Teamfight Tactics game.

  • The newest Origin, Lunar, is performing a bit under what we would expect. However, given that we misestimated on Soulbound when that first came out, we’ll probably reserve a bit of judgment as players learn how to use it in their comps. According to high-elo players, it doesn’t seem to scale well so that could be an issue.
  • Speaking of Soulbound, they seem to be back with a vengance and a big beneficiary of all those Light changes. I think the Light/Senna could be the new Blademaster/Nocturne variant to warp the meta in Patch 10.1.
  • Speaking of Blademaster/Nocturne, Blender comps are still performing quite well, but they are not nearly as strong as those Light-based comps we described.
  • Wardens aren’t a key part of any of the comps we listed, but they can flex to fit into anywhere needed. They’re still the strongest front-line synergy in TFT.