TFT: How the Light and Soulbound Comp can Net Free LP

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Key items

There is really only one key item you need for this comp to work, and that is a Guardian Angel for Senna. In this comp, your only goal is to keep Senna alive as long as possible (with her GA plus Karma’s shields) that Lucian can keep pumping out damage from beyond the grave. Once Senna dies, this comp completely falls apart so you have to make sure she has a GA.

As far as the other “big” item Talisman of Ascension, you do want it on Senna because it allows you to go six Lights, but if you cannot get it don’t worry, you can still effectively run this comp with only three Lights with several possible modifications.

Ways to Modify the Comp

The first way to modify the Light/Soulbound comp is to build a second carry on your team in the form of either Vayne or Aatrox. This is especially recommended in instances where you cannot get a Guardian Angel for Senna. Because you cannot guarantee that Lucian will have that max uptime to do DPS, you’ll need to invest in having a second damage threat in case the two Soulbounds die early and you’ll have to position Lucian a lot more conservatively than you would in the normal comp.

A second modification comes when you’re unable to get the Talisman. In this instance, you’ll still have that core of Senna, Lucian, Nasus, Soraka, Leona, Karma, but for the last two you can go either two Mystics (Nami and Janna) or two Wardens (Malphite and Taric).

Finally, you can modify the comp to be a sort of hybrid-Blender comp with three Lights (Lucian, Nasus, Soraka) plus the Lunars and rounding it out with three Blademasters. This comp works if, for some reason, you end up with a Blade of the Ruined King that you can put on Lucian. It’s also advisable if you cannot find a Lucian and are about to die.

Basic gameplay

For this comp you need to understand that you are playing towards the ultra late game. A big key to successfully playing this comp is make sure that you play early game to econ. That means that you are not re-rolling at all (because you don’t really care about rolling any of the early game units past 2-star) and trying to get to the next interest breakpoint as often as possible by selling off whatever you can.

In the early game, I would prioritize going one of the standard opening comps (Woodlands, Predators, or Ornn/Voli/Braum) through at least Stage 2. In the opening and second Carousels, you should try to get the following items (in order of most to least important): Spatula, BF Sword, Negatron Cloak, Chain Vest. If none of those are available, try to get components for possible on-hit items like Sword Breaker or Hush for Lucian late game.

Once you beat Krugs, you should have at least two of the four necessary components. If you don’t, it might be a good idea to look for another comp based on your items. The round after Krugs is also a good time to roll down to about 20 gold (and level to Level 5) to try and get your Vaynes, Nasuses, Leonas, and whatever to 2 or 3-stars. So, to start Round 5, you should have three Lights and two Wardens.

Now, at this point, you might still be struggling a bit, but do your best to get items for your Lucian and continue to save up gold. This is because after the third Carousel you want to level again so you can start to fish for Lucians.

By the end of the Raptor round, you should know whether you have the items to do the full comp or if you need to do one of the variations listed above. You may also have to do one of the variations if you have the items but have lost too much health in the early game.

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From there, the game comes down to items and positioning. The only tip I can give for positioning is that if you do have a GA on Senna, you can your Lucian playing much more towards the front so he can be sacrificed early and continue to pump out damage while dead. If you don’t have the GA, position your Lucian a bit more conservatively.

And that’s that to playing the Light/Soulbound/Lunar comp. If you follow these steps, you’ll be setting yourself up for easy LP.