League of Legends LCS: 2020 Preseason Player Ranking

2018 NA LCS Spring Split Grand Finals in Miami, Florida, USA on 8 April 2018.
2018 NA LCS Spring Split Grand Finals in Miami, Florida, USA on 8 April 2018. /
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OpTic Crown. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

15. Lee “Crown” Min-ho (CLG, Mid) – 81 OVR

A former World Champion and one of the best mid laners in NA last year, Crown was in the running for an All-LCS award before his play tapered off at the end of the season. He’s playing with a stronger all-around cast than he had with OpTic but he’s still going to need to be the primary carry on CLG. Luckily, Crown has shown that he is up to the task.

14. Bae “Bang” Jun-sik (Evil Geniuses, ADC) – 81 OVR

Although not quite as statistically dominant as Zven or Cody Sun, Bang had to carry a much heavier load on 100 Thieves than the other two did on their teams. His 107.8% adjusted KP was second-best in his role and he had the highest damage share of any ADC last summer. He’ll figure to be a key cog in the EG super team this year.

13. Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong (Team Liquid, Top) – 81 OVR

Impact is one of the best top laners in terms of producing with very few resources, which makes him a perfect balance to the two big carries in his team’s mid and ADC roles. Importantly, Impact has the experience and stability, which is why he had the best adjusted KDA and damage per minute despite getting so few resources. That sort of dependability is immeasurably valuable to TL as they look to improve on their play from last year.

12. Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage (FlyQuest, Mid) – 82 OVR

PowerofEvil doesn’t get enough recognition for his strong vision score (1.19 VSPM last summer was the best in the mid laner) and his good laning. FlyQuest already has a strong jungler in Santorin so upgrading the mid lane from Pobelter should pay dividends this year.

11. Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer (Cloud9, Mid) – 82 OVR

In my opinion, Nisqy is the most underrated player in the LCS based on his incredible stats. Last summer, he posted the best adjusted KDA in the league (4.31) and also posted gold, experience, and CS differentials at 10 minutes of 321, 19, and 0.7, respectively. The knock on Nisqy is that he only plays one type of champion, which limits what C9 can do in drafting, but when you can play that well on one style to me it’s worth it.