League of Legends: The Top 20 Champions that Make Pro Play Boring

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Gragas, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

10. Maokai

Luckily we haven’t had to see this guy in quite a while but heaven help us if he ever becomes strong again. I can’t wait to watch him swing at his lane opponent 1000 times and do negative damage but be able to CC a mid laner for fifty years.

9. Zilean

Braum is the friend in your club who screws up your chances with a girl when you’re spitting game, but Zilean is her jerk friend that intentionally kneecaps you. It’s not bad enough that Zilean can prevent any mispositioning from being punished and that he can perma-shove waves by having zero cooldowns. The worst thing about Zilean, though, is that he’s like Karma and we force mechanical monsters in the mid lane to play him to revive their stupid teammates. At least play him support people!

8. Corki

Whenever that dreaded “Corki and Azir” meta rears its ugly head, this is the half of the match-up I pray gets nerfed into the gutter. At least Azir can provide some pretty big highlight moments (cut to Fenix nodding in approval) but Corki just exists to fire rockets and fly through with his mini-Rumble ult.

7. Xin Zhao

Thank God the Level 2 gank meta is over because it was so painful watching junglers just getting pressure for their laners and doing nothing on Xin Zhao in Season 9. Xin should be a hyper-aggressive pick but right now he’s just completely useless unless he snowballs (which never happens in pro play).

6. Yuumi

All the joys of watching a support infinitely heal their carries while they get to hide safely in their belly. Yuumi also helped spawn the incredibly uninteractive and boring Garen/Yuumi lane which needs to die in a fire along with Sona/Taric lanes.

5. Ashe

ADC is one of the more mechanically skill-expressive roles with champions like Draven, Vayne, Caitlyn, Jhin, and even Tristana (boring as she is). Then there’s Ashe, who exists to fire a single skillshot then just slow and fire at enemies forever. Amazingly, she’s one of the easier champions in League of Legends no one seems to have a problem being viable in competitive play, despite how boring she is.

4. Heimerdinger

I don’t care how many dongers are raised in chat, I never want to see this champion in competitive ever again. Nothing is more boring than his teamfighting, which consists of dropping his ult and running around like Chicken Little. Also, I just never want to see this jerk in my solo queue games ever again.

3. Lulu

For those of you new players who never had to experience the horror of watching top and mid Lulu in just about every professional game, count yourselves lucky. Lulu was like Karma on steroids, she could poke down anyone, out-push anyone, and completely counter all-in comps with her hook. Luckily, she’s not as strong or prevalent today, but I fear the day that Riot buffs her back into the meta.

2. Tahm Kench

Braum was the well-meaning friend who screwed things up, Zilean was the friend who sabotaged you, but Tahm Kench is the bouncer who throws you out of the club. Imagine setting up the perfect play on an out-of-position carry but oh boy here comes a giant catfish to gobble them up and absolve them of all mistakes. Plus, he slows down macro play by being able to swim across the map to gank at a moment’s notice. God I hate this champion.

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1. Gragas

Perhaps a little personal bias creeping in, but I despise watching Gragas jungle. It doesn’t matter how flashy those bodyslam/flash combos or ults are, the fact that this guy is eternally picked in the jungle frustrates me to no end. When Gragas is meta, the jungle meta warps around him and its some of the most un-fun times to play League of Legends.