LCS: 2020 Spring Split Preseason Power Ranking

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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C9 Svenskeren and C9 Nisqy. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5. Cloud9

Elo: 384

I know, I know I’ll draw a lot of ire for ranking C9 this low (and this close to FlyQuest) but to me, this team just has too many “ifs” that could end up holding them back. If Blaber can maintain that monster level of play consistently, if he and Nisqy can maintain that same synergy Nisqy and Svenskeren had last year, if Vulcan and Zven gel this team can be great. Right now, though, there’s just a few too many ifs for my liking.

Predicted record: 10-8

4. CLG

Elo: 384

CLG also has a lot of ifs, but unlike C9 I think CLG has kept such a good core to build around (Wiggily, Ruin, and Stixxay) that they should have a bit more of a solid start to the start of the split. Plus, they made a huge upgrade in the mid lane, one of the most important positions in League of Legends, which should pay huge dividends.

Predicted record: 11-7

3. Evil Geniuses

Elo: 393

There are a lot of questions about Evil Geniuses, just like Cloud9, but the level of talent on this team just dwarfs those of those other questionable teams. Svenskeren is the defending MVP, Jiizuke has shown he can be a top mid laner in Europe let alone NA, and Bang is a former World Champion. Even if these pieces don’t gel, I’d be shocked if they don’t make at least top five.

Predicted record: 12-6

2. TSM

Elo: 405

While the teams before them have a bunch of “ifs,” TSM really has only one: Dardoch. If he truly is reformed, this team has the talent to take down Team Liquid. I think they made massive upgrades to their bot lane in Biofrost and Kobbe and their solo lanes are solid.

Predicted record: 12-6

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1. Team Liquid

Elo: 417

They’re the defending champions, they made a (slight) upgrade in the jungle with Broxah, and they have all the talent and experience to take home a fifth straight LCS title. They’re the kings until someone dethrones them.

Predicted record: 13-3